Dating Fail!!

Well after two dates. I got a bullshit reason for why this is not going to work. I can’t say that I was totally surprised.

My mom said it didn’t seem like I like him that much. Ok he wasn’t the melting the panties. I did enjoy adult time. I would confess. I also feel it was a mismatch. Due to him being almost 40 with no children. I cannot drop my life to hang with him.

I can’t read that man’s mind to why he ended things. Nor is that my thing. I deleted his number from my phone and it is move on time.

I haven’t jumped back into dating. I will jump back online when I am in the mood. Probably after Christmas.

I didn’t buy much for Ava. She clearly isn’t that aware of the date. I bought her a toddler bed. Yes moving out of the crib, which is going to be my horror. I already know the fight to get her to sleep will be deep. Due to the lack of obstruction to get out of the bed. Which the crib would give me a few minutes to push her back in the bed. Once her bed is set up she can just step out of the bed.

I also got her a keyboard. The therapist said she loves music. Trying to find things this kids likes is hard. I swear if she could tell me what she wants I would go overboard.

I bought myself a bunch of scratch tickets for Christmas. I will be scratching them all on Christmas. I am not into it this year. I have put my little tree. I am not wrapping Ava presents. I felt the wrapping was more for me then her. I know, I am not even trying. Feeling a little blue about a few things.

I am blessed and I know I need to snap out of it. I am giving myself one more day to snap back. Things will work out. They always do!!!


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