Missing my friends!!

My close friends are not in this state. I talk to them on the phone, but the shit is not the same. Even if I didn’t see them for months. We would get together and have fun. They were my date when no man was in my life. Friendship has always been my life line. I feel so disconnected from them being so far away. I call and try to get my friend time in. Because everyone has a busy life when I do talk to my various friends we are on the phone for hours. With having a child hours have been shorten because of Ava’s needs.

It is hard to get the friendships I use to have in Atlanta in Boston. This place is so different. It took me a long time to make friends in Atlanta. Literally years!! With Ava being my number 1 priority for many reason. Having time to find those friends is not easy. Also babysitting is not the easier thing. My mother feels family should be her only babysitter .Which would be nice if I had a big family. I also agree I can’t just leave my baby with anyone. So I wish I had a bigger family. Being an only child sucks. I have a bunch of step siblings, I am not close to all. I have half brother I haven’t seen in over 18+ years. I have a few cousins I am very close to. One is in Atlanta, another in D.C. and the last in Connecticut.

I don’t make friends easily. I meet people easily. To let someone in my world is not easy for me. I don’t censor anything I tell my friends. I tell them anything and everything. My aunt said when I make a friend I marry them. So yes I have walked down the isle with these people. I have divorced a few. I am trying to keep the rest for life.


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