Had to get UGLY!!!

Ok, the IEP date is set. I have an advocate. I paid him the deposit, gave him Ava paperwork. I am praying all this works out. One of the evaluations had not been set yet. This woman had a month and a half to make an appointment with me. Well, that shit didn’t happen. I sent the coordinator about five emails. She kept saying she knows about the meeting. Well WTF does that mean.

My last email I pulled out all the stops. Can I speak to her boss? I am a single working mother and cannot take off work whenever this woman finds the time to call me. I wouldn’t be so pissed, The IEP is in two weeks.

After my nasty email, I got a call from that woman. Shocking!!! You have to be ugly and nasty for people to respond to you. She was actually agreeable and agreed to do the test when the other testing is being done. Which is great for me. I already took that day off.

I am looking forward to her starting pre-school and scared. She hasn’t been away from me or my mother at any point. I am going to be so upset on her first day. This is going to be so life to change for her and me.

I want my baby to talk. She is communicating, but still no words. Everyone says it will happen. Especially with her being around other kids. I am praying. I don’t know what my child words sound like. I haven’t heard the word mommy yet. All this is heartbreaking.


2 thoughts on “Had to get UGLY!!!

  1. Yes, that’s my experience too that sometimes you have to get pushy and angry with people to get their attention. Sorry that it was more difficult than it should’ve been. But I’m glad that things got scheduled the way you wanted. Hoping good things come out of the meeting!

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