Getting Close to completing my book!!!

I will let you guys know when my book will be published. It will be published under a pen name. I am trying to create a social media presence under my pen name. It is not the easiet thing to do. Especially when you don’t really have time. As my life time is not close to something I have.
Baby girl got a new toy. The ABA therapist had this toy she loved. It actually is not made anymore. So I had to buy a use one off some random person.
Finally some success with toys. She love this toy. If you know anything about Ava she is not interested in a lot of things. I know it is the Autism. When I have a little success I am thrilled.
She has been doing so much better. Her OT was out for weeks due to a surgery. She came back and is so impressed with my baby. She is communicating. Not with words, but she got other things down.
I so want to know what is going on in that brain. I am sure I would be amazed.
This book thing is going very slow. I am loving my story so much. I am my own worst critic of how I am telling the story. I am paying for real editing. I know I have grammer issues. I am sure all of you who read my blog know that. Not news to you. I want this project to be of high quality. So I am putting in the money. I am really looking in to publishing it ok Kindle and create space.
If I only didn’t have to work. I would have so much done. In the state of the world. I need to keep my job for health insurance alone.
I wanted to thank all of you guys who read my blogs. You are great and all the comments during the years have always made me smile and feel good.


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