Productivity sucks!!!

Last weekend, I got nothing done. I had to go do my father taxes. I knew he wasn’t going to be able to do it himself when he was stuck on username on Turbo Tax. I love seeing my dad. I don’t really see him enough actually. So Ava and I did that. Then I went to Walmart.
I was home by five pm cook Ava pancakes for dinner. I got a few things accomplished. When it turned 9 pm and this child of mine refuses to go to sleep. I walked her back to her bed a good 15 times. She keeps getting up and standing right next to me. She thinks it is all a game. I am getting frustrated and irritated. I am tired due to her waking up at 4:45 am that morning.
I have so much I want to accomplish. I am going to stop bitching about it and just get the shit done. Sometimes I wish I had a nanny that could come in once every two weeks just to let me catch up on sleep. I feel so sleep deprived. She is almost 3 years old. I had no idea this lack of sleep crap would last this long.
On a brighter note, I bought all of her summer/spring clothes. So I am pretty much done there. Now I need to buy her presents for her birthday that is around the corner.
She has been doing great with her ABA. I am going to miss these women. Once she turns 3 all the white women in and out my house all week will be gone. They did my family such a service. I could never repay them.
I have heard of people getting awful people from early intervention. I have to say I am blessed. All of them were nice and helpful. Even on the days Ava was a brat or having issues.
I wish they got her to say a word. I am still praying for those words. They did get her to do a lot of things closer to her age range. Progress, not perfection. When I started this Single mother by choice mission I had no thought of having a disabled child. God doesn’t’ give you more than you can handle. I swear he test me everyday!!!


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