Big Little Lies (REVIEW)


HBO has done it again. I have been staring at my TV every Sunday night. An all-star cast Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley being the main characters. Basically, they are keeping horrible secrets. Reese’s being the least horrible. The presentation of the book was great.
It reminds me of one of my favorite movie The Usual Suspects. The piece fits together at the very end.
I shouldn’t expect anything less from my beloved HBO. It was hard to see Nicole Kidman play her role. She was very weak and meek. I didn’t totally believe her character. That she would put up with what was happening to her. She didn’t pull it off like Farrah Fawcett in The Burning Bed. If you don’t understand my reference The Burning Bed is a classic that must be seen.
Now Reese playing the resident bitch was the perfect role for her. I believed every word that came out her mouth.
Shailene was ok, granted I know the other two catalog of work from years of watching Resse and Nicole. I did watch the Divergent movies. Which was supposed to be Shailene come out the role? I wasn’t really impressed. In this, series she played a wounded Bird desperate for revenge.
Now  I was shocked to see Alex Skarsgard. The evil vampire from True Blood. He was evil on that series and evil as hell on this one.  I couldn’t stop hating him then I was feeling sorry for him.
The come out star was Zoe Kravitz.
She looked like her mother twin. I thought I was in a time warp watching her mother on A Different world. Now she plays the Bohemium second wife. She had that role on Lock. I wonder if it got a little awkward we know her father use to date, Nicole Kidman. We all know her dad was going through a long list of the A-list elite. I really can’t hate on him her daddy is gorgeous!!!
If you have some time to kill. This series is worth your time.


3 thoughts on “Big Little Lies (REVIEW)

  1. Loved this series too! I thought Nicole was more believable than you did. I thought they all did an awesome job. Agreed Reese fully embodied her character. So true about Zoe and her mom! She got more time as the series went on… Maybe they realized how good she was. She sure had a key role in that climax – wow. I had to watch that three times!

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