I am so slow

Part of this is being my own worst critic. I don’t care about my grammar or how I come off on my blog. My blog is the diary of my life. So I just let it come out. I recently started checking the grammar with a grammar plugin. So I hope my words read better. To be honest I use to spit out my feeling and keep in moving. It has been very therapeutic to share my world in this manner.
So my book is going slow as hell. I am in the process of editing and I feel like I am falling short. Not in the editing in my thought of how the book is coming off to the reader. I start and I like how it reads to me. How others will like it not so sure. I would love to be a top author, the truth is I write because I enjoy it. So I guess I should stop worrying.
God has shocked me in so many parts of my life. I never know where this book will take me. I am putting my money where my mouth is. I am paying for someone to edit the book after I am done.
I decided I will publish through Kindle publishing. I have so much research I want to do on many topics. I have no time. That is the one major issue in my life. TIME, TIME, TIME.
I feel like I wasted so much time when I was a single person with no kids. I did so many things at my leisure and didn’t put my heart in soul into them.
Since Ava was born I tend to put my heart and soul into everything I do.


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