Found my Deodorant

My life is chaos. I don’t live in a big place. Nothing about Boston homes screams spacious. Between my cat who jumps on my dresser and pushing thing off. To my child who gets on her tippy toes to grab things off my dresser. I didn’t know where my deodorant was for a solid week. I am not a sweaty person. So not a big deal. I thought to myself Secret says they are so good you can skip a day.

I have been putting deodorant on after my nightly shower since I was 12. So five days in I started to look for it. If I couldn’t find it, I was going to break down and buy another one on the way home. Someone thinking I was funky or have hygiene issues would modify me.

After 30 min of looking. I found it, way under my bed. I have no idea if it was the cat or my daughter. I guess at this point it doesn’t matter. I finally got to put some on tonight. I do feel fresher.

Life has been busy with things I had to follow up on. I am trying to be a dutiful mother.  Which can be hard when you haven’t had enough sleep. Then a long day of work. In that situation that happens too often for my taste. She tends to watch too much T.V.

Life goes on and I do my best. That is all I can do.


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