A friend from Atlanta is coming to visit Boston. So I have to host and show her around my city. This should be fun. I haven’t seen her in 3 years.  We lived 3 minutes away from each other for 10 years.

Our lives have taken big turns. She has made a major career change. I have an almost 3-year-old and live in my hometown.

My mom is watching Ava the whole weekend. So We will sight see all day. Go to a club or bar Saturday night. Now you know my ass has not been to any club or bar since I been here. I enlisted a friend from my very short list of friends. She knows where to go so she will be coming with us. To end with brunch on Sunday.

I hope I do a good job. I am always overly conscious when entertaining people. I would feel bad if she had an awful time.


One thought on “Hosting!!

  1. Think that just the fact you’re thinking it through and making plans makes you an awesome host! Hope you guys have fun! Sounds like some well-deserved girl time out for you too.

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