Gifted Movie Review

I liked this movie. It ended up being one of those feels good kind of things. Ava and I went to my father house to set up his new smart TV. Then he offered to babysit. He even gave me a movie pass.

There was nothing I really wanted to see. I surely didn’t want to see Fast and Furious 8. I think I have only seen 3 of the previous Furious movies. I love movies like Bruce Wills Die Hard. I am not into fast cars and things blowing up. So Gifted was one of the movies playing at 11:30 am on a Saturday morning.

It was a pretty bland story. Not to exciting. They could have had a few more zingers from the little girl. The few she did do fell flat to me.

This could have been an entertaining lifetime movie honestly. It isn’t worth the expensive cost of movie tickets. If you have a free ticket or wait to it hit Redbox it is worth a viewing. I would have been upset if I paid the expensive price of a ticket. I didn’t pay for the expensive popcorn. I should have snuck some in under my jacket. I didn’t’ have time and I don’t get too out much. My father said he would have suffered through the movie with no snacks.

It wasn’t a bad movie it wasn’t Oscar worthy. If you have some time to kill and looking for a tear jerker feel good movie. It is worth a watch.


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