Stride Rite closing

I have a mommy fail. In the hustle and bustle of life, I never seem to catch when she need new shoes. So it was at that time. I asked my dad what he thought. So feeling like a horrible mother I was going to make my way to Stride Rite. I will buy cheap clothes. I refuse to buy cheap shoes. I have feet that are hard on shoes.

I looked on my phone and the two Stride Rite I go to are permanently closed. I thought what the hell. Then I asked a friend and she said she went to one of the stores closing sales. My mother took my to Stride Rite when I was a baby. I can’t believe all these stores are closing. I don’t have a problem buying things online because I can’t stand shopping. Shoe stores need to stay. I want the clerk to measure my daughter’s foot and tell me I need another half size or wide shoe.

I went to an alternative and went to famous footwear. I didn’t like any of their choices. She needs velcro. The best thing for children shoes. Ava is jumping through these sizes. She has big feet. I have big feet. Her feet are not wide which is a blessing. I ended up buy a pair fro Payless just so she can have something not small on her feet until I invest in her shoes for the summer. I need to do better with the shoe stuff.


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