New Babysitter

So, now my dad has been enlisted as a babysitter. He did great. So I have lined him up for once a month. I think it will give him time to bond with Ava. Plus he has been lonely. His wife died over five years ago. I wasn’t her biggest fan. She did make it so I didn’t have to worry about my dad.

When he and my step sister lived a floor away from each other. I felt good about that. Now he lives in the same apartment complex with my step sister. Her kids have their own lives now. Dad is left in the dust. He does keep a schedule of things he does.

I love my father dearly. I will make sure for Ava and I to get out there. I was a little shocked, Ava didn’t’ care that I was gone. Which is a good thing, but hurt my feelings. #mommyproblems


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