I am not getting a new hair style. I have natural hair. For my non-black readers. I will add a picture.

I have had my natural hair for I believe five years now.  With this hair, I don’t have to go to a salon and put strong chemicals to straighten it out. I can love the hair coming out my head. Which I do. The problem is, I am lazy, tired, stressed. I don’t want to be bothered with hair care. This leads me to now combing or detangling my hair for months on end. Even though my hair has new life when I take care of it. I have no energy or desire. So when I get ready which can take me a ridiculous amount of time I decided to comb, detangle my hair. By this point, some of my hair has bonded in a way I can only cut it out. When the comb is going through my hair it is pulling out an unbelievable amount of hair to clear the lack of maintenance.

Thank god I have no bald spots. I still have a ridiculous amount of hair on my head. My lack of care does not go unnoticed. Neither does my lack of sleep. I clear the not and my hair looks great. I don’t even promise myself I will do better. I don’t even have the energy to lie to myself. I will be pulling my hair out until my life stress starts to go down. I am glad I have the hair to pull.

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