Death Bothering me!!

When I went to the wake of a young mother. I consider 47 young. I can’t get her out of my mind. A friend since the third grade. We will call her Jessica. I met her when I was eight and she was nine. We weren’t always very close. We have gotten very close in our old age. I talk to her a few times a week.

We are both dealing with autistic children. She is very easy going and I love that about her personality. Knowing this her brother was always there. He is two years older and we all went to the same school.

Her brother and his friend had jokes for my weight issues. Which use to drive me crazy. The main asshole which was her brother friend died many years ago of a drug overdose. When I heard that I thought damn no one knows what is going to happen in life.

So I see Jessica brother and his family at Jessica children birthday parties. I just saw his wife a few months back. She wasn’t’ looking good at all. He told me she was dying. How do you deal with that information??

When she died I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I couldn’t get him and his child out of my mind. I remember having a crush on him and another friends brother. Neither ever looked at me twice.

My friend said she would mind being her sister-in-law. I thought was so sweet. My life doesn’t fit together that easily. Her brother has a lot of healing going on. How he is going to deal with life as a single father. I pray for him and his new journey. My heart is heavy for his loss. I gave him a long strong hug when I was at the wake. She looked good in the casket. Not the sick woman I saw a few months ago. I pray she is in a painless place of peace. Watching over her son from above. She left him way to early.


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