Lost 7 pounds in 7 DAYS


I started a low carb diet. I tend to put more fat in the diet. I will use low-fat things as long as everything is low carb. This because urgent when I gained seven pounds in a week. Which I looked like a fool and totally embarrassed in front of the woman who takes the weight in weight watchers. Was I shocked I could gain that much weight in a week? NO!!!! I can get in my feelings a be a binge eater. I ate everything that week. From Chinese food to random take out, ice cream. I was having food orgasms that gave me a 7-pound weight gain in one week.

The come to Jesus moment. I cannot do the weight watchers diet. I cannot do food in moderation. It isn’t possible. I will never get to my goal weight not knowing who I am. Well, I continue weight watchers. YES!! It is at my job convenient and my job discounts the price. So the main reason I will continue to go is accountability. When I am accountable to myself that shit never works. I can lie to myself and get away with it every day. Sad but the truth.

So with my new Low carb diet, I have been weight myself every day.

July 28     251.6

July 31      247

Aug  1       246.5

Aug   2      246.2

Aug   3     245.2

Aug   5    245.6

Aug    6   244.4

Total weight loss 7.2. My goal is to lose 90 pounds. I want to get my skinny sexy back.


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