OPK Success

I have some good news to report. I found my LH surge finally. I am not as broken as I thought I was. Boyfriend isn’t in town to take advantage of this surge. He is in VA helping his mom. She is a victim of hurricane Irene. She just got power after a week. He emailed me because there is no cell phone service. I am glad his mom is ok.

So what I did to find the surge.  I tried the regular way for two months.  First with the equate version OPK test from Wal-Mart. That didn’t work. Then I thought because it was cheap I had no success. Next was Clearblue Easy OPK after $40.00 no happy face. I was not happy at all. I followed the directions on the box.  I decided I am not like normal people and those test directions are based on the average woman. Well I am not average which I found out. I found a website that told me to test twice a day. I was not going to spend the money for Clearblue easy to do that.

I went to Amazon.com to look for a cheaper option. I found Wondfo One Step Ovulation kits. There were 50 tests for $10. How could I beat it? Then I went to WEB MD Ovulation calendar to track my fertile period. I also went to Wal-Mart to pick up disposable cups to collect my sample. I noticed is my cycle had changed over the months. One month 28 the next month 23. Web MD uses three months of your cycle to decide your ovulation period. My fertile period was a week earlier than I thought.

I started testing twice a day and got two dark lines. I thought it might be a fluke so I tested it again. I got another dark line. You couldn’t believe my excitement. I still had a few Clearblue easy left and did that test. Finally I got a happy face!!!!

Wal-Mart incident

My usual Saturday activities include grocery shopping. It is always split between Sam’s club and Wal-Mart. I really do not have space for bulk shopping. I just love the lettuce in a bag at Sam’s club. I eat allot of salads and they have big bags of lettuce with the air drained out. It usually lasts a week and under three dollars.

When I got to Wal-Mart, I did my usual excessive shopping. I swear every time I am in that store I buy things that were not on my mind until I pass it in the aisles. Well in the check out the cashier didn’t double bag my juice and the bag broke and fell on my foot. It didn’t help that I had on flip flops. I had an aching pain in my foot. I was just going to let it go. She was pushing me to write an incident report. Which after I thought about it, what if my foot blows up tomorrow? So I was in there another 20 minutes doing the report. What a big event for my day.  The boyfriend and I have issues. It is funny it is the same issues from ten years ago. There is a difference from then to now. I have a lot of married friends now. I realized relationships come with issues.  I was just the person if things got tough I got out of the relationship. That is the big reason for me never being married. We will see if this stands the test of time. Presently our quality time is to a minimum due to the traveling of his job. He says it will calm down next month. We will see how much time I get when that happens. I am trying to be positive then go down my usual negative road.