Feeding Evaulation

We got through the feeding evaluation. I packed all the food, I thought we needed. The evaluation was in a building next to Children’s Hospital. Parking was horrendous. I tried one parking lot which was wrong. Then I drove to the one across the street. I was wrong again, I asked the attendant for some help.

English was not his first language and I was having trouble understanding his directions. Once I found the correct garage I got Ava together and we were on our way. I have no idea what people did before cell phones. Ava always plays with my phone while we are waiting to be seen.

We didn’t wait long, the speech pathologist brought us to a small room. She said I did a great job with the food choices. I had no idea what I was doing, I was grateful for the compliment.

The outcome, Ava does not have any physical problem with eating. She feels all the rigidness is due to sensory issues.

Thank god, I don’t think I could take something else being wrong with my baby.