Acupuncture Round 3

I had another trip of relaxation and a back rub from heaven. My friends came with me. They have enough workers there that none of us had to wait. I also got my same guy. My session went very long which I never usually worried about. I had guests with me and didn’t want them waiting too long.

Well they were waiting. My appointment was it usual great experience. I couldn’t get a gage how they felt about their appointment. They seemed to enjoy the experience. My friend joked that my guy must like me because I was in there for two hours. I enjoyed every minute of it. Coming here is a lot of self-love. I have decided even after a baby I will continue to come. I wish I could afford to come every week. I am presently relaxed and rejuvenated for my reproductive journey.

AF showed up today. So I took 200mg of Soy Isoflavones. I will take it for the next four days. Now I am going to begin charting my ovulation again and hopefully boyfriend in town when needed.

It will all work out, I am staying positive. Now I have to figure out how to take these other supplements. So more research tonight and praying for a successful month.



I am in love!!! I wish I knew about this before. A friend gave me a referral to her acupuncturist. She used it for her IVF cycle. It was also very reasonable $50.00 for the initial consultation, and $45.00 for each additional visit. I didn’t know what to expect. I was game and ready for my appointment. I have to admit I was nervous.

He explained the whole process then left the room for me to get ready. I did feel the needles but they didn’t hurt. The needles were put in my abdomen and my feet. Several were put in my wrist. Then he turned on some light music and left the room for twenty min.

I was so relax. My eyelids were getting heavy. I was shocked I stayed awake until he got back. The next step was heat he used around my feet and ankles. Then I had a deep back massage with oils.  He rolled hot rocks up and down my back. Talk about heaven.

I would have to say that was worth more than $50.00 in my book. I do appreciate the low price. I left there with an acupuncture addiction. I know I am going back.  I wish I could go once a week. The budget would not handle that at the moment. I digress!!!

I was told I had good CHI. I am not sure what that means. It sounded good. They seemed to have no reservations about me getting pregnant. I was also given herbs to help me with ovulation.

I purchased Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Kit. Damn it was expensive!!  I ran into to my neighbor and told him about my acupuncture appointment. He said “you are not playing about having a baby”.  I told him I am trying to make this happen. I wish it was easier and not so stressful. I need to stop reading these blogs on women with fertility issues. Hopefully the acupuncture will help me relax. I plan to go back next week.