And Baby Makes Two review (Director), Judy Katz

In the midst of my break up I bought this movie. I know three days and I was back in my single mom by choice mode. I bought two video’s and a book. I will review the others later. When they show up in the mail.

Well I guess it bothered me that the movie is so old.  It was filmed in 1997. Also all the women are not previewed. They picked three that you really got a lot of information about. In the now face book era I almost wanted there blog websites to get the update. I started realizing we are in each other  business too much. 🙂 No one was updating their status in 1997. I did enjoy these women dealing with the same emotions I have been feeling.

When I thought the movie was over it surprised me with an update from 1999-2007.  I did not feel that any of these women regretted their decision. Even thought it was not easy for any of them. They all had different issues. Two of the women profiled adopted children from China. They both had very different experiences. One woman seemed to have the model intelligent child. She mentioned how being a single mom was hard.  She had to go through illness and still had to get up and take care of the baby. The second woman China baby had medical problems. Than later she had issues in school that had to dealt with. Also life caught up with her and she lost her job and had to make hard choices.

This movie did not hold back any punches or sugar-coated anything.  One woman had a known anonymous donor  that was a friend. Later she reveled the  donor identity to her child. That dynamic seemed very difficult.  None of the women were married by the update. One woman got back together with a boyfriend. I didn’t get the vibe they were married but it seemed as if they were in a serious relationship.

The running theme that I feel people don’t understand is these women would have love to now be single.  They were getting older and accepted the lack of a male companionship. They could not accept the fact of never being a mother.  I really think it was a great documentary for the time it was filmed. Now that there are the commericalized type of  movies made on the topic. The back up plan with Jennifer Lopez. The Kids are alright about the lesbian couple using donor sperm.  I feel we are in a different world than 13 years ago.

I do believe there is still judgment of women who make this choice. I also believe there area also more understanding. There are statistic that single women make up 32 of sperm purchased. That is saying a lot for this generation. In the movie it stated that the numbers were not that high with women making this choice. I believe it is growing in numbers everyday. I believe motherhood will be my greatest accomplishment. That I will feel blessed to be given. I am proud of myself in many areas of my life. Now I am ready to look at a miniature me and show them the world. I don’t feel that makes me narcissistic. Which some specialist said in the movie. I think it makes me human.