Autism Center Update

I ended up in a meeting with a lot of people to discuss my complaints. I tried to defuse the situation, in the beginning, to say I love this place, I just have some concerns. Well, there were great outcomes from this meeting.

They will send home better updates. They are sending me a copy of the PEC they are using home. I am going to go in for more parent training. They implemented it right away.

Then there were a few things that happened in that meeting that pissed me off. Granted I had to play diplomate. They are the only game in town with this kind of program. I am in a rock in a hard place.

I was told twice if they weren’t doing what I needed they would help me find someplace else. Also, it was brought up that Ava could be intellectually disabled. Which pissed me off. In this journey of autism.  I have asked that question to several therapists. I always got a no. Due to her being there 10 months and that was never stated before. I feel it was bullshit to shift accountability.

Several other things made me upset. I left that meeting feeling beaten and mistreated. It wasn’t anyone working directly with my child. Granted they backed her up which felt happened due to her being the big boss.

I did not let her totally roll over me. What I stated is anyone in this room stating my child is intellectually disabled. She said no we can’t make that diagnosis. Then it shouldn’t have been mentioned in that setting in my view.

I don’t know this woman personally. I have been in this position, and I felt the same way. Some white people do not want to be questioned by minorities. I really thought she was trying to put me in my place. In a way, I took some of the bullshit. I wasn’t going to let my pride destroy what my daughter needs.

I also called them on the carpet for the blanket statements about my child with no validated reason. I said she also equally learn slow. Which they agreed. I still love her center. Even though I was not feeling upper management.

The changes were made I am happy with that outcome. I talked to several parents, and they implemented the changes across the board. So my mouth has made it happen. It didn’t go on deaf ears.

Doing more!!!

I know everyone gives me praise for doing the most for my child. I do not feel I am doing enough. It is a deep feeling that I need to be doing a whole lot more. I talked to the head of the Autism nonprofit I am a part of. She said me and my friend K the other autism mom. Jumped in with both feet. She said she has met many who do not take charge the way we do.

I am always kind of shocked about parents that don’t’ go the extra mile for there kids. I should not be appalled at all my parents in no way went the extra mile for me.

Ava was the gift God blessed me with. I asked and pleaded with God to make me a mother. He did it. I have to do all I can do to get my child to the next level. I have to stay faithful I will hear words.

The food therapist showed me a chair that I have purchased.71R-40DHDvL._SX522_Ava doesn’t want to sit too long. Well with this she will have no choice. We are going to get to work. I am going to make a learning time every day. So I can be a part of her success of getting to the next level. My friend K said we can do it together also. Like a little preschool class. I am down with that. Her younger child is typical, and I suggested he is a part. Then he can help the girls to advance forward.

I feel Ava can be doing more. So I am about to put myself in the line of fire to prove that. I can’t not rest and wait for everyone else to make it happen with my child. Now I will admit I have no idea what the hell I am doing. I am going to have to educate myself and hopefully find resources to do this.


Transportaion Issues Again!!

Now I stay on top of everything that has to do with my daughter transportation to her autism center. I called to re-up every three months. Since they have messed up so bad prior we (me and the other autism mom) are supposed to get the same company at all times. I was told this would be put on the account.

Well, of course, there were issues. I called customer service, and they had no idea what I was talking about. Then I said the director said. They asked me their names, and of course, I blanked. Then I went to my car to rip it apart looking for these people names and numbers.

I remember I text it to the other mother. Then I forgot the assistant director number was one digit different. I left the director a message. Then the assistant director picked right up. He remembered me of course. Due to the straight fool, I acted when I felt my child was in danger.

He said he would handle the problem and call me the next morning. He did not call me, so I gave him to about 2pm the next day and left a message. I would contact the director again if another day passed. He called me at 3pm said he was sorry and took care of it. The owner of the company texted me and said it was done.

I am hyper focused on anything involving my daughter. I don’t play with anything regarding her safety. I make my presence known.

Problems all around!!

So I get a letter in the mail. Ava insurance will be kicking her center out of network and she will have to go somewhere else by some random date in February. Can I say I was about to have a nervous breakdown? Of course, I get this letter at 4:45 on a Friday. I am calling the number on the letter like a freak. I finally get someone on the phone thank god.

It was the secondary insurance. I finally could breathe. While I am on the phone Ava transportation drove up. He was trying to take her out of the car with no shoes. They are very nice people, some of the drivers are very young. I yelled him to put her shoes one. All while I am on the phone trying to understand this damn letter.

I called the autism center insurance person. She and I are like rode dogs at this point. She walked hand and hand with me to fight my insurance company to get my baby in the autism center. Her work phone was linked to her cell phone. She said they were in a fight with the secondary insurance. They got a lawyer involved.

Can I say thank you JESUS and God and whatever spirit luck or whatever that help my daughter get in that autism center? I am in constant fear they will try and kick her out. Insurance companies are the enemy. Especially with all the politics around insurance now.

Truth is I want my daughter to talk and be in regular school. I am fighting because she has a true need. I need to find me a man with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I am joking but not really.

The worst day!!

Ava was put on the transportation by my mom. I am usually at work already taking a nap in my office parking lot. I know it sounds crazy, but my job has a parking space issues. I have anxiety issues that flare up when I am pressured in looking for a place to park. Especially when I am under pressure to get somewhere on time. Such as a job or a job interview. To not have an anxiety attack I tend to get places early.

I don’t actually enter my job until the time work starts. I don’t have a key to get in and I don’t have to work overtime at this job. So my mom usually calls if the transportation is late. She wants me to call and see where they are at. Or she calls when Ava is off to school. Then the Autism center is instructed to send my mother and I a text saying Ava got there. Well, my mom called me back after she said Ava was off. I said whats up, annoyed because she was interrupting my nap.

She state Ava threw up on the bus and they are bringing her back and hung up the phone. I know two other children that were throwing up last week at the Autism Center. I was hoping this illness skipped Ava no luck there.

I called my mom later and they said throw up was everywhere. They didn’t take her out the car seat. When my mother came outside they sat her on the sidewalk car seat and all. My mother said the throw up was everywhere. The driver was acting like he was going to be next tossing his cookies.

My mother hasn’t had to deal with Ava for a whole day in a long while. So Ava was driving her crazy because she was getting into everything. I called the transportation and told them she wouldn’t be back to school until Monday. Since she got sick on Thursday, give her a few days to make sure she is alright.

So after that morning drama. I have to work late on Thursday. On my way home I was rear-ended by an older man on the highway. So I ended up getting home two hours later than usual. It was a horrible day and my car is some bullshit I didn’t need. Thank god I didn’t get hurt. #REALLIFE

Tears for my baby!!!

I wanted to start with I schedule these post out. So I can keep a constant flow of content. I write them when I have the time or during my emotional dramas. This particular Sunday I woke up with nothing to do. I feel like a horrible parent if I kept my child in the house too often. I called a friend who loves us to come over. I never go over there. I knew her since the third grade. Ava loves it at her house. I have no real reason why I don’t go over there more often. She has four kids. Her oldest is adopted her only girl which she took her in after her mother died. A friend of hers from High School. We went to a very big High School so I didn’t know the girl until years after we graduated. Her daughter loves playing with Ava and watching her. Which gives me a big break. I can actually converse with my friend and feel like I can have some adult time. 20708309_10154739282880785_1644540416486451776_n

Well her youngest is two and we had a cute conversation. He likes Ava to and kept bringing her toys. He would say this is for Ava that is for Ava. I told my friend I wish Ava could talk. She is over a year older than her son. She said don’t compare them. He doesn’t have autism. I know she is right but my soul was sinking hearing this little boy talk to me and ask me questions.

We stayed for several hours. I got in the car ready to go. I cried all the way home. I want to hear my baby voice. I want to hear mommy come from her lips. No one can tell me she will talk. I mean no one will say those words. My now close friend who daughter goes to the autism center with Ava. We put them in together. They told her, her daughter will talk. She is saying her ABC’s and singing songs. She has also been in preschool for a year and is older than Ava. I know these kids are all different. I know I can’t predict the future and no one else can. Please God Please give my baby words. Help her to be successful and be able to handle life on her own. My worries my fears are great. My love is deep, my heart is broken with this word I never dreamed would be a part of my life. AUTISM

Saving my dollars!!


This insurance for Ava school (ABA Program) I am calling it school. All this has been some bullshit. So I am sitting in parent orientation and they mention my cost would be 30.00 a day. My faced dropped. I told her I talked to that lady that name started with  J. Yeah I had no idea what her name was. She said it would be 20.00 a day. I also have that secondary insurance which the autism center is in the final stages of being in network with. Then my charge would be zero.

Well, I called your insurance company and they said 30.00. Well, can you check again I stressed? Now I will go into debt for my baby. If it will get her to talk I will do whatever it is I have to. But that lady told me 20.00 and messing my money is like messing with my emotions.  I will call now and email you what I find out. My mother and I picked up some food after the orientation. I checked my email and she said it was 30.00

I got home and found that lady email and went the hell off. You told me 20.00, where did this extra 10 come from. That is my problem with your insurance company the miss information. She wrote me back it will be 20.00 and cc the woman from the autism center.

Then the autism center emailed back I just called and your company is saying 30. It was a hot mess. It was clear I was getting upset and I told the lady at my insurance company what the hell is the price. Now she knows not to play with me. She called me and said it is 20, but for me, she will lower to 10.00. I was quiet as hell.

Can you email that as proof of this conversation. She said yes, which she did and I have no more words but GOD IS GOOD!!!!