Holiday Blues

I been in Ga for 13 years. I never go home for the holidays for several reason. A little more than half of those years I spent Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. This year the plans fell through. I was more disappointed than usual. I usually don’t care if I do anything on the holidays. I am not the holiday type person. Every since my grandmother died when I was 18, I haven’t care much about it. I asked my friend is it because I am pregnant. She said yes it is because you are pregnant. I missed my mom and my family and wished I was going to my god mothers with my mother and aunt. I will be home next year.

This weekend I spent a lot of time in the bed. This might be TMI so you can skip if you like. I was having some burning in the lower area. I ended up at urgent care. I couldn’t take it and my OBGYN wouldn’t have an appointment until Monday. Come to find out I was dehydrated and my urine was making me burn. When the doctor told me that I looked at him like WTF, I never heard of that crap. Come to find out he was right. I took some cranberry pills and drank  a lot of water and it went away. Thank you Jesus, because that crap was no joke. Then I had this crazy two-day headache. Also for being dehydrated.

I was having a hard time lugging the water bottles up three flights of stairs. I do drink a lot of water at work. With the extended vacation that wasn’t happening. I went to Walmart and got a Britta water filter pitcher. I am peeing all the time, but up on the water intake. I had a long talk with an old friend. She is so excited for me to come home. I am looking forward to reconnecting and also finding new friends.

I tried on my work pants on Sunday. They still fit no maternity pants yet. Yeppie, I did a dance in the middle of the floor. The gap did have a sale and I got the 64.00 maternity tall pants I been eyeing for half off. I have to say that was a great day. I also had to return some Wal-Mart maternity shirts that were too tight. What I noticed was the material was very cheap. I been wearing sweaters I got from the thrift shop. My co-worker said I don’t look pregnant yet. I am almost four months in a couple of weeks. I am feeling better, but every time I say that out loud I start feeling bad.

Another friend wants to do my babies shower. I told her my other friends would help with the food. She said no it will be her present to me. I was shocked that she would go out of her way like that. It is nice to be liked and loved!!! She put a smile on my face that day. I still want her to share the expense. I am old-school. Have a few friends bring some food and call it a day. She was adamant she didn’t want help with the food. Someone could bring the cake. Another friend volunteered to do that. I told her it doesn’t have to be anything special a sheet cake would be fine. I heard another NO!! I can get you a baby shower cake. All these people extending their kindness. Tells me I need to appreciate the people in my life and realize I have real friends. They are priceless!!!


Baby Project #27

OB/GYN appointment has been made. Now I am waiting for my positive results to actually confirm the appointment.

I decided to find a OB by my job. I will change the appointment when I am several weeks in. My Gyno now said my pregnancy will be high risk from the start. The moment she lets me go she wants me to have an OB ready for me to see. I love that her plans are so optimistic.   I am looking forward towards the weekend. I was off two days this week for my insemination  I didn’t get to sleep late which sucks!!

I was working on my vision board last night. Almost all the things have been printed and cut out. Now it is time to glue and post to my poster board. I want to brain storm again and see if I am missing anything.

I realize that I have less things I need to put on my vision board than before. Less things on the board shows progress to me. I have several books I need to read. I am going to work on that!!! I decided to take a writing class also. It is an online class. I need to start working on my dreams. I actually have more dreams than motherhood. I have to get started!!

I bought another SMC choice friend a baby showers present. It was the best baby shower gifts I ever bought. Not because of the amount or the actual gifts. It was a gift to a person like me. Someone who is where I want to go. I was going to buy one thing but ended up buying two things. They were not on her registry. I know some folks have issues with that, but I think she will love them. I try to buy gifts I feel people will use. I hope she likes it 🙂

Brica Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror, Magical Firefly and the Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System