Random Life Stuff

The new guy has been holding my attention. We haven’t made plans for a date but that is fine. I might be seeing him this weekend. I am not in a Christmas mood at all. Actually I never celebrate. When I became a teenager my mother wouldn’t even go shopping and wrap anything anymore. She asked me what I wanted and gave me the money. We stop putting up the tree or even thinking about doing all the traditional things. On a few occasions my mother did decorate the porch with lights. In yearly fashion she would be too lazy to take them down and they would sit up there for months and months.

I guess I am not a holiday person. Or a birthday person either. I never really care about celebrating my birthday. I guess I am a person that doesn’t make a big deal out of much. I did request money for my new security door from my family. My mom and my aunt said they will chip in. We will see how that goes down. Presently it is sitting on my credit card waiting for Home Depot to get their ass in gear and install it.

I bought some photo editing software to start my new little project. Well it is actually a big project. I am starting a new blog that is more of a soap opera with pictures. I like to be creative and keep those juices flowing. I am going to use my game the Sims 3 to create my dramas. So I went to Best Buy and tried to purchase an easy Photo editing software. With it being the Christmas season no one was helping me. I actually saw a few employee standing around but I wasn’t in the mood to chase them down. I picked up this program and brought it to the cashier and asked if I could return it. She said yes within 30 days. So I thought I would give it a try if I don’t like it bring it back.

I was banging my head against the wall all night with this program. I was returning it the next day. I get to a different Best Buy. They tell me it can’t be returned by federal law when software is opened it cannot be returned. Now if I knew this information before I bought it, I would have taken more time with this purchase. I was also pissed because I saw it on Amazon.com for half the price with free shipping.

I was going to walk out the door and take my 80.00 lump in my bank account for nothing. As I walked to the door I thought hell no. The lady told me I could return it. So I proceeded to have a manager called and explained my situation. I was being dramatic which was just a tactic to get my money back. I was thinking 80.00 on something I am not going to use. I can put that money on the door I just bought. She returned it. I told her Merry Christmas and thank you. It was very nice of her since the law was in her favor. Even thought employees told me I could return it.

I went home and found some free wear GIMP. It is great and easy to use. Well it isn’t that easy to use. YouTube has a bunch of tutorials on how to use it. Which is great I need a visual explanation not written. I love YouTube, I don’t know what I did with out it.  So here is my first draft of what I was working on.



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No big plans

I was given some invitations. I bowed out. The first was a Halloween party. At the tune of 30 bucks. Which did not include parking. I am not a big fan of dressing up. I considered it for a min. Then that went out the window. The second was speed dating. I was really considering that offer. This event cost 25.00.

I went to a few stores looking for an outfit. I found nothing. I am not a shopper. I actually hate shopping. I wasn’t in the mood today to find something that made me look cute. Then I thought about it 25.00 to get in. Then a new outfit cost. After considering my budget I decided I really didn’t want to go. So now I am home on a Saturday night with no plans.

I did join Planet Fitness. At the tune of 10 dollars a month. I also met my friend at the gym who is a member. Coming in with her I got to join for five bucks. Can’t beat that.

On my first day of gym membership I walked on the Treadmill for an hour. I am not totally cheap. I did stop by Best Buy to purchase a MP3 player. I purchased a SanDisk at the tune of 50bucks. I had to upgrade from my clunky CD player. Who new CD players are old school. I am so not the tech girl. I have boycotted technology for so long. I guess I have no choice but to get with it.

It worked great for my first day at planet fitness. I have already been put on notice there are a lot of cute guys that are members. To bad I do not have cute workout clothes. When did clothes you sweat in are supposed to be cute. I am so behind the times.

I am going back tomorrow with my not so cute workout clothes. I need to drop twenty pounds. To tone up the flab wouldn’t hurt. I own a treadmill but getting out the house works a whole lot better.