Angels in my life

I have people in my life who are angels. They might not realize it. I should spend more time telling them. I have a friend who reads my blog religiously and sends me a text about my updates. My friends who haven’t forgotten about me when I left Atlanta. A lot of folks forgot about me when I first left Boston and moved to Atlanta. Ava god mother who I met in 1997 at my first job out of college.

She is one of the few who stay in contact and visited and her friendship never wavered even after I left my place of birth. She still is inviting and enjoy my friendship as I do hers. My friend that came to visit me and wouldn’t take no for an answer. We enjoyed Boston in a way I never have before.

The woman I met in an Autism Group who took it upon herself to guide me in the struggles of being a #autism mom. My friend and I (my other autism mom buddy) bought this woman a gift. I tried to compliment her in several ways. She is so humble she never really accepts my compliment. She is the reason Ava is at the autism center. She guided my friend and I with so many resources. How do you THANK a person like that? How do I show God god blessed me by bringing her in my life at the right time?  I bought her a plaque. I cropped out her name on the top.

autism mom

We are also going to give her 100 Visa gift card. She deserves ten times more. My mother and my aunt. They drive me crazy, but their love for me has never wavered. Their love for Ava is strong. They are my number one angels!! They are my up front village. That makes my journey in motherhood not so lonely.

If it isn’t one thing!!

The AC in my truck has a mind of its own. It wants to work sometimes. I really don’t feel like sitting in the car shop. I think I have no choice. We have a heat wave starting today. It will be over 100 degrees for a while. Joy, Joy my hour commute is going to be terrific. I went out at lunch to run some errands and it worked. Hopefully in five pm traffic I will have the same luck.

A friend called and might be interested in my property. Yay!! As I said I could careless who buys it. Just someone buy it dammit. I am still in my scratch ticket fantasies. It is the only thing keeping my sane at the moment. TGIF, I am so glad it is Friday. I wish my work was done and I was heading home. I have several hours to go. I am not motivated at all. Motivation and a paycheck. I have to suck it up and do what I have to, I need my paycheck.

My co workers smacking is driving me crazy. It is hard to sit at this desk and not yell over the cube do you realize you smack all day!! I know she doesn’t realize how noisy and un cute her mouth sounds are. I also have no right to say anything. I try to turn my music up, it doesn’t help that much. I need ear phones. It wouldn’t work well with my job. I need to be able to hear people and answer the phone. I am ready to go home and go back to bed.

My cousin is coming into town today. Also I have to carry my dog to the grass because the news informed me his paw pads would be burnt on the concrete. I am sure he is going to hate me carrying him. He will have to get over it. Either me carrying him or burnt paws. Big fun for me!!!

Shortsale Prayers!!!

If anyone out there prays please send one up for me. I passed in my 56 page short sale package again. I am hoping and praying for smooth sailing with getting this done. So many things need to happen after the short sale is accomplished. I can’t focus on that right now. I am praying someone takes pity on me at the mortgage company and pushes this through. All my reasoning is legitimate. Relocating being top on the list. All my family is in MA.

My heart was pumping fast with every page being faxed. I called a few people to calm down. My friend who is going to let me live with her might be moving out-of-state. It could have to come up with a plan B. It will all work out. I have to stay positive and try, try , try not to be negative.

Blessing 1!!

Fire Burning

This blessing I was told later in life. When I could appreciate the ramification of what happened.

My father is a recovering alcoholic. He did not get into AA until I was about six years old. I was told the alcohol is what broke up my parents marriage. My father was a functioning alcoholic. The kind that kept a job and paid the bills. So after my parents split my mom would drop me off at my dads.

I was about four or five and my mom dropped me off to my dads. He would send me to the refrigerator to get him beers. He said I was excited like I was doing something special. Well on this particular day he passed out from all the drinking.

The house we were in caught on fire. Not our apartment but an apartment in this house. If you know anything about the houses in MA you can have three apartments in one house. In any case one of the apartments caught on fire. One of my fathers neighbors in this house knew we were in the apartment. The firemen got us out of a burning building. When they entered my father was passed out.

My mom came the next day and saw this house burned up. She told my father he would never see me again until he got himself together.

My life was spared that day. Blessing #1

No my father has over 30 years in AA. Thank god I am very proud of him!!

My Pity Party is OVER!!

I am not a religious person. I swear god always teaches me lessons. On Monday evening after my eventful weekend things got crazy. Did I mention I had two dates on Monday. I haven’t done much in five months dating this man who travels 90% of the time. Then I have two dates in one day. Go figure. Neither of the dates were a love connection.

So I was still feeling bad about my text message break up. I went to walk MR. Shitty Paints (My dog). We went outside at our usual time. This woman came to me and asked me if I seen her sister. I said who is your sister. She pointed to the townhouse three doors over. I wanted to be nice, but I have been here nine years and it took two years for the woman three doors over to wave HI. She is not tha friendly person. So I tried to say tactfully you sister is kind of bitch. Is it really hard to say hello?

So she goes on to say she hadn’t talked to her since Friday. She didn’t show up to the Sunday family dinner. She is a very quiet person. It wasn’t unusual for her not to call but she would at least text. Now I was a bit concerned. I asked her if she had the key to the house. She said yes. I asked her if she wanted me to go in there with her. She said no she called the police scared of what might be found in the house.

So me being me, I started knocking on the other neighbors doors for information. No one knew anything. I guess everyone goes on with their lives and don’t pay attention to others. I have to admit I do the exact something. I was glad to see I have caring neighbors. No one went back in there house. They all came out to help.

I had one neighbors husband look in the back of the townhouse to make sure no one kicked in the back door. The husband (No I don’t know his name, Damn shame after nine years LOL) asked the sister if she wanted him to go in with her. She said yes. I guess she felt more comfortable with a man. Everyone else was waiting by the door. Then I heard him yell CALL 911. His wife and I ran up the stairs. I had 911 on the phone.

She was unconscious but breathing. I played a amature nurse to the wife as she made sure her air passage was clear. Finally the police showed up. The cop was a straight Ass hole. He insinuated that she might be drunk. Even if she was this was not something to mention in front of her sister who was falling apart and calling family at the same time.

She was still unconscious when they took her in the ambulance. We have no updates to how she is. We didn’t even know her name until Monday. She is only 37 years old. All I have to say is that experience changed me.

EX boyfriend can kiss my ass. I woke up today and I am alive and grateful. All is fine in my world and I am not going to let him steal anymore of my joy.