Baby project #14

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Second insemination went smoothly. Five follicles have released  I was laying there thinking HELL YES!! It sounded like good news. My doctor is very dry. She even had a great tone to her voice. She did say if this didn’t work, she wouldn’t change the protocol at all.


The social worker and I talked after my 15 min of laying there. I told her I was excited by the number of follicles. She said it is a good sign. How good are they and will they create a baby is the big question.


The cervical cap came out easily last night. She placed another one in today. I wanted to go to my acupuncturist  today.  I will be there tomorrow. The last time I was there she said they got robbed. When she left late at night. So I decided against going because I wouldn’t get there until late. I don’t want to put myself or my acupuncturist in danger. Her husband is out of the country for a while.


The social worker said try not to worry about it. If I can pull that off I need to write a book. I am going to assume right at this moment I am pregnant with my twin girls. Here is to the Law of Attraction!!!


Baby Project #13

I did it. I had my frozen sperm placed in my uterus  Now I have six mature eggs. I was blown away when she said six. She still gives me a 10% chance. Which I thought was funny when she said the medicine did great. She even used the words this increases your chances for success  Then to still come up with the number of 10% chance.

She did say that I reacted great to the medication. She didn’t expect me to react that well due to my test. Then I got the multiple talk again. Because there are so many eggs. She said people concerned about multiplies she would tell them not to do the second insemination. I said in a very serious tone. “I will be here tomorrow. She said do you have any questions. I said “no”.

What you, no questions. You are the queen of questions. I said I am working on not worry about it. She said , good job!!! She also hit on a good point. She said I am sure you have done a ton of research. I told her to the point of obsession  Now is the time to lay back and let it happen. I am still looking online. It is hard not to look online and see what happened to other people. I am in original so I can’t mirror their experience after mine.

She put on a cervical cap. I hope I can get that thing out. Never used any device like that before. I am officially on my way. I still have the WTF did I just do in my head!!!