Getting Nothing done!

My house looks like a disaster. When I get home I am so damn tired it is unbelievable. I wish I could go home right now and go to sleep. My cousin said I need to take iron. It keeps slipping my mind. I have dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and a lot of other things.

This is so not like me. Not that I am the cleanest person in the world. I am not usually this random with cleaning and keeping things together. I am also sick every night. I have night sickness not morning sickness. I leave work wanting a certain kind of food. Lately it has been breakfast food. I end up at home throwing it up shortly after. My clothes are getting really tight. I know in a few weeks I am going to break the news to the rest of my job. I think I am going to start with my employees.
I am a little nervous. I know there is going to be a lot of question. I wish I could avoid the whole thing. Not going to happen, I am going to have to face the office. Lucky me!!!


Holiday Blues

I been in Ga for 13 years. I never go home for the holidays for several reason. A little more than half of those years I spent Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. This year the plans fell through. I was more disappointed than usual. I usually don’t care if I do anything on the holidays. I am not the holiday type person. Every since my grandmother died when I was 18, I haven’t care much about it. I asked my friend is it because I am pregnant. She said yes it is because you are pregnant. I missed my mom and my family and wished I was going to my god mothers with my mother and aunt. I will be home next year.

This weekend I spent a lot of time in the bed. This might be TMI so you can skip if you like. I was having some burning in the lower area. I ended up at urgent care. I couldn’t take it and my OBGYN wouldn’t have an appointment until Monday. Come to find out I was dehydrated and my urine was making me burn. When the doctor told me that I looked at him like WTF, I never heard of that crap. Come to find out he was right. I took some cranberry pills and drank  a lot of water and it went away. Thank you Jesus, because that crap was no joke. Then I had this crazy two-day headache. Also for being dehydrated.

I was having a hard time lugging the water bottles up three flights of stairs. I do drink a lot of water at work. With the extended vacation that wasn’t happening. I went to Walmart and got a Britta water filter pitcher. I am peeing all the time, but up on the water intake. I had a long talk with an old friend. She is so excited for me to come home. I am looking forward to reconnecting and also finding new friends.

I tried on my work pants on Sunday. They still fit no maternity pants yet. Yeppie, I did a dance in the middle of the floor. The gap did have a sale and I got the 64.00 maternity tall pants I been eyeing for half off. I have to say that was a great day. I also had to return some Wal-Mart maternity shirts that were too tight. What I noticed was the material was very cheap. I been wearing sweaters I got from the thrift shop. My co-worker said I don’t look pregnant yet. I am almost four months in a couple of weeks. I am feeling better, but every time I say that out loud I start feeling bad.

Another friend wants to do my babies shower. I told her my other friends would help with the food. She said no it will be her present to me. I was shocked that she would go out of her way like that. It is nice to be liked and loved!!! She put a smile on my face that day. I still want her to share the expense. I am old-school. Have a few friends bring some food and call it a day. She was adamant she didn’t want help with the food. Someone could bring the cake. Another friend volunteered to do that. I told her it doesn’t have to be anything special a sheet cake would be fine. I heard another NO!! I can get you a baby shower cake. All these people extending their kindness. Tells me I need to appreciate the people in my life and realize I have real friends. They are priceless!!!


Vacation needed!!

I have actually cleaned parts of my house. I went to the grocery story. I swear I spend too much money in the grocery store. I know I over shop. I don’t know how to fix that. Well I decided I am making veggie soup. It will be low cal and help with my hot liquid fetish. I love hot liquids, like coffee, tea, hot cereal. It will be my first attempt at making soup. I also bought other things I have never cooked before and going to give it a try. Zucchini spaghetti and egg-plant. I am working on the healthy overhaul to my life. I begin tomorrow.  I will have time to prepare these things and start over with my couch to 5k.

The out-of-town trip messed me up big time. I am so tired. I create a project and just can’t let it go. I am making a video for my cousin wedding. From pictures and some video I took at the wedding. The video parts look crappy. I used my phone and small flip video camera. Which doesn’t take crisp video in the dark. They will appreciate it, and I can’t wait to see what they say when they see it.

I have a welcome party and a wedding to go to today and tomorrow. I am so tired I feel like I could sleep for days. No chance on that until Sunday maybe. I am going home, getting as pretty as possible. Granted I don’t like my shoes. I bought two new dresses for the occasion. Both under 20 bucks. Actually one was on clearance and I saw a little stain and she gave me another 20% off. Which totally works for me. No one is going to notice that little stain. Now the shoes is a whole another issues. I have big ass feet. A size 10 when I am skinny and a size 11 when I am not. So we are not in the not stage. I noticed the new fashion thing these days are the shoes. I have pretty much basic color shoes. I use to also make the mistake and buy cheap shoes allot. So I decided no more. I gave away most of my crappy cheap shoes and I have a bunch of black shoes.

I have never been a fashionista a day in my life. I did make the effort to look for some fancy shoes. NO LUCK AT ALL. Oh well it isn’t my wedding. Black shoes it is. I did make an effort which is so unlike me. My eyebrows need to be done. I might swing over to the mall after work to get them cleaned up. I am not trying to look like a wilder beast. I might check out a few more shoe places in the mall. I am a friend to the groom. He is my cousin friend and sold my house. I know he is going to have some cute single guys there. So I need to put my best foot forward. I could flirt at my cousin’s wedding but that was it. The rule of naught dating his friends, I do understand. Still sucks in my mind. I guess he is spearing me but still.

I miss dancing with my  Xbox. There are not enough hours in the day. After I finish this wedding video project. Which looks like it could be up to 30-40 min long. After seeing how the video turned out. When some money comes in my life. Not like I can’t put it on a credit card. I don’t want to do that. When some disposable money comes in my life. I am going to work on getting a better video camera and video editing software. Another gift to me. With paying things off aggressively buying those kinds of things don’t seem on the agenda.

I still have some lottery tickets to scratch. You never know. I could be telling you a whole different story next week!! Praying for a financial windfall.

No big plans

I was given some invitations. I bowed out. The first was a Halloween party. At the tune of 30 bucks. Which did not include parking. I am not a big fan of dressing up. I considered it for a min. Then that went out the window. The second was speed dating. I was really considering that offer. This event cost 25.00.

I went to a few stores looking for an outfit. I found nothing. I am not a shopper. I actually hate shopping. I wasn’t in the mood today to find something that made me look cute. Then I thought about it 25.00 to get in. Then a new outfit cost. After considering my budget I decided I really didn’t want to go. So now I am home on a Saturday night with no plans.

I did join Planet Fitness. At the tune of 10 dollars a month. I also met my friend at the gym who is a member. Coming in with her I got to join for five bucks. Can’t beat that.

On my first day of gym membership I walked on the Treadmill for an hour. I am not totally cheap. I did stop by Best Buy to purchase a MP3 player. I purchased a SanDisk at the tune of 50bucks. I had to upgrade from my clunky CD player. Who new CD players are old school. I am so not the tech girl. I have boycotted technology for so long. I guess I have no choice but to get with it.

It worked great for my first day at planet fitness. I have already been put on notice there are a lot of cute guys that are members. To bad I do not have cute workout clothes. When did clothes you sweat in are supposed to be cute. I am so behind the times.

I am going back tomorrow with my not so cute workout clothes. I need to drop twenty pounds. To tone up the flab wouldn’t hurt. I own a treadmill but getting out the house works a whole lot better.