Life throws curve balls!!

My computer cost 300 bucks to fixed. The motherboard was fried. The answer to that is hell no. The desktop was five years old and I believe I only spent $500 dollars on it. So I headed to Micro-center to get a new computer. The sales person told me they have a 12 month no interest credit card. I thought I hit the jackpot because I was going to charge it.  I was planning to purchased all my electronic needs with my new credit card.

I got denied. I sat there and looked at the boy conveying the news that my credit was shit. I feel bad for him because I went off. I have never been denied credit in my life. Even with my short sale I still have A credit. Which lowered from my A+ credit. I was about to walk away in shame and then said wait you didn’t call me. He said what do you mean. I have  fraud alert on my credit. So no one can steal my identity. I am supposed to get a phone call when anyone opens credit on this account. Then the manager got involved. We called Wells Fargo and they asked me a few question on my credit report and I was approved for 2,200 bucks. I knew that denial was bullshit.

After that was cleared up I bought a desktop and all in one printer , and a camera. I had to carry all that up three flights of stairs with my old desktop. It took a minute but got done. Then I moved a box in my house. I heard my back pop and I was done. My back was jacked up. My cousin came to get my old printer. Never get anything Brother it was piece of shit. Drove me crazy to set up. Every time the lights went out because of a storm or something, I had to set it up again. I was happy to get rid of it. She brought me a heating pad. I woke up the next morning and couldn’t get out of bed. I did make it to the bathroom eventually.

I been out of work for two and a half days. I did get some muscle relaxers from the doctor, with some high-powered ibuprofen. I went to work. I am walking like a 80-year-old woman. I got sick of laying in the bed all day. I haven’t even played with my new computer. Which is so unlike me. I also was supposed to have another insemination on Monday. There was no way I could sit in the car for 45 min to an hour. To get to his house. My back couldn’t take it. I rain checked. It is still possible I am pregnant. I did inseminate when I got the smiley face. Monday was two days later just to cover all bases. We will see what happens.

I forgot to mention, I lost 11 pounds. How the hell that happened I don’t know. I was reading this book about a dieting that my mom sent. I was going to begin the next day. The scale hasn’t been my friend in a long time. So I have kept it hidden and not gotten on it. Well I busted it out prison on Sunday morning, got on it. I lost 11 pounds. I thought to myself WTF. I am happy and confused. But going to keep it going more consciously then subconsciously like I have. Hears to more weight loss.

So much to do!

I am trying to keep it together. I did nothing last night. I am such a procrastination. I did go buy three more boxes. I didn’t put anything in them. 🙂

Tonight will be packing night. I also been trying to see the best way to handle this fertility stuff financially. I do plan to pay as much I can as I go. But if it is going to be on a credit card, or line or credit I want the lowest interest rate possible.

I need to put in a change of address. I am going to do that tomorrow. So do I want to push for my first insemination to be in March or April. I think fear is really starting to set in.  I need to jump and take suggestions. So I will wait until my doctors appt to make the call.

I called my sperm bank. They have 50 vials of the guy I want. I was trying to decided to buy a lot or pay as I go. I do desire two children. I am praying I get them at once.

If I do not have twins, the questions is do I care if they have different dads. I am leaning towards no. I know a lot of siblings with different dads. I guess it isn’t that big of a deal in this century. So no storing sperm. If they run out they run out. I do want to look at the list again. They have added five more people to their bank.

My pants are tight. I am not happy about it at all. Granted these are my small pants. When they are big on me I have a smile on my face. They have been getting tighter and tighter. I am not dying yet, and hope not to be.  I am not ready to deal with this. I will think about my weight again on Sunday. After my move, and hopefully fully un packed and ready to seattle in to my own space.

Stress always made me eat. Where I am, I feel stressed. So it is time to go. Three more days!!!

Signing My Life Away

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How the hell do people stay out of debt? I swear credit cards have been a part of my life since 1993. I signed up for a discover card on the first day I was at my college campus. I still have that card. I am sick of owing people. It is a never-ending cycle. As my mother says you will always have bills. Not that she is the best role model. She doesn’t like to pay bills and avoids doing so as best she can. I on the other hand was taught by my grandmother to protect your credit.  I have done this with a vengeance. I do owe people, don’t get that wrong. I always pay, early in fact.

Well my credit cards were getting out of control again. My version of out of control is completely different from others. I took out a consolidation loan over a year ago. I used my credit union which I have been a member of since I was 22. I was excited to know I paid off 3k within this year. Well I was ready to put my present credit card amounts in a new loan. With the debt crisis and the economy the interest rates on my credit cards have gone crazy. I call them to lower the rates. They could careless that I have good credit and thought they were doing me a favor to give me 15%. I remember have 7%. Those days are over. Now they are damn loan sharks. The loan with my credit union is fixed, at a considerable lower rate.

So I called my credit union to do my loan again. They were happy to oblige. They told me I had grade A+ credit. While getting the paper work together I had a knot in my stomach. Will I ever stop this cycle? My debt has been paid off twice in my life time. I seem to be here again. A lot of that has to do with home ownership. One of my Facebook friends wrote home ownership is overrated. Owning my home for the past eight years I would have to agree. I miss calling the office when something was broken in my apartment.   When you have a house something always needs to be done fixed or taken care of.  The need for a functioning car presents a problem. In Boston I could leave the car in the yard if it had issues and take the bus and train. There is nothing I can do here in Georgia without a vehicle.

One day I will have financial security. I feel I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. That is a major problem. It goes to my negative nature. I need to work on being positive. The laws of attractions need to work in my life. Thinking these negative things, I know is bringing negative things to my life.