Fighting Depression!

The bank rejected lowering the price of my house. I know all is not lost. But I wanted to cry at my desk. No man, No baby, stuck in a house. I know not the biggest problems ever. But they are my problems and I am ready to get on with my life. I am ready to leave this state.

My realtor is still on board. He did mention walking away. Many reason why I don’t want to go that option. The biggest one is the government garnishing wages for the difference. He said he didn’t know anyone that happen to. I hate statements like that. Meaning I could be the one that happens to. I am trying to do things the right way.

Maybe the people who came to see it will be interested. Please , Please, Please I am praying they are. I am so ready for this to be done with this.

I also have been dog sitting. I will never do it again. I feel so bad about it. These are good friends of mine. They will be taking my dog when I move. They are going to let me live with them before I move back home. So of course I  agreed to watch their dog when asked. Well this dog has shown his ass big time.

I have a dog but I am not a dog person. I should have never gotten my dog. We have muddled through the years. Well the visiting dog has shit and pissed on my floor several times. He also barked through the night because he was in his crate. I know he doesn’t sleep in his crate at home. I don’t trust that he won’t piss on something if I let him out.

I put my dog in the crate also so there was no favoritism. People think dogs don’t act like humans. Well let me tell you these two dogs have jealousy issues. When I let one out to be walked. They other one barks like why not me. I only put them in the crate when I am not there to watch them. So all day on the fourth we lounged around the house. Visiting dog acted decent until he was put in that crate. He is leaving tomorrow. Not a moment to soon I want some uninterrupted sleep.

I called my friend and told her. She is so apologetic. I feel bad!!! She offered to take me out when she gets back. I said no need you are willing to take my dog into your family and me when I need a place for a few months. I don’t need anything from her she is a great friend. Even thought her dog is driving me crazy.

My realtor responded to the bank with a reasonable response to their rejection. We will see if that does anything. God, God please help me unload this house!!!