Delivery Man (Spoiler Alert)

I went to see this movie due to my Single mother by choice status. I didn’t use a sperm bank to create pumpkin. I did start out with a sperm bank. From the commercial you can see this man has 533 children from his sperm donation. I understand that they wanted to meet the man who contributed the DNA. What I didn’t like was some of the children really wanted this person to be their father. In once instant the child said I want to keep you for myself. Then I didn’t like the one child was on heroin and instantly drug free.

I don’t know what I was expecting from this movie. The one thing I did like was when the lawyer said yes these are great kids, but none of them would have been here if the donation wasn’t anonymous. There is a new TV show coming out on MTV. Concerning the same topic. This blessing of a child is beyond the greatest gift. I know there are a lot of men who would drop out as candidates if it wasn’t for their anonymity. It is a catch 22 in away. The father of the 533 children girlfriend was having a child. He made the comment to one of the donor kids that he is denying time with his real family. The kid took this harshly and kept staying we are your real kids. I felt it was insensitive to the men who expected no involvement with these children. No comment on the families they came from that actually made the choice to have an anonymous donor. It wasn’t one-sided, but the movie felt one-sided. Or the issue that the Cryobank made such an error to let this happen. They really should have been held up to more scrutiny then what was portrayed in the movie.

I know this was comedy and originally a French movie. I think I am a little to close to the issues to appreciate it.


Donor Unknown: Adventures in the Sperm Trade

Half Siblings

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Anyone who reads my blog knows I have obsessive issues. I am obsessed with all things SMBC (single mother by choice). Well I tend to read the comments people leave on blogs I follow. I found a new blog yesterday. Which I found from someone else’s blog roll. Well in one of  her comments someone mentioned a documentary called Donor Unknown. It was a documentary about anonymous donor 150 from California cryo bank. I had to watch this documentary.

I started an online search. All the places I found it, the video was no longer available. I did find a UK website that had the movie. My country was not allowed to watch it. Wow never had that happen before. I did watch a few clips of the movie on YouTube. Now I really wanted to watch it. I finally found it on streaming. To rent and stream to my computer was 2.99. I thought it was worth it and put my credit card down.

This movie blew my mind with the information. The reason this all transpired was through the sibling registry. The half siblings of donor 150 were getting together. It was nice to see the bond they created with each other. They keep in touch and a few of them call each other brother and sisters. It was unbelievable how much they looked like each other. I believe through the course of the film they found about 13 siblings. If anymore join the sibling registry I guess they will be a part of this clan.

It seemed like these children were all made up of lesbian relationships. I didn’t see any single mothers mentioned. Well when these siblings met each other some kind of way an article in the New York Times was done. Well donor 150 saw the article and came forward. He met his offspring and it was very nice of him.

Now this part horrified me. The man seemed very off. He was living in his RV in California. You couldn’t really pin point what he did for money. He had a screw driver in his gear shift of his RV to move the gears. Some of the kids seemed a little put off that he was their donor.

He showed pictures of him back in the day when he was donating. Can I tell you this man was gorgeous? He had a body to die for and was a former chip and dale dancer. He also in lighted me on this cryo bank stuff. He said he would donate two to three times a week. The money he made paid his rent for eight years. I thought to myself, damn is he serious.

Now he is a recluse with two dogs and helps pigeons and lives in a RV. He seemed like a very nice guy. He was just crazy or disconnected from reality. He had all these conspiracy theories about the world. Granted some of them could be true. I don’t think our government tells us everything. He was obsessed with them that made him seem crazy.

One of his offspring went to visit her paternal grandfather in a nursing home. Since donor 150 didn’t seem to have a relationship with any of his family I am sure his father enjoyed the visit. It looked like he did in the picture she had.

Also the woman who first started the sibling registry was featured. She showed where one donor had over fifty offspring on her website. She also said when these cryo banks tell you they limit the number of pregnancy they are not telling the truth. That would mean, they have to keep track of each pregnancy. She claims they are not really keeping track. There is nothing forcing you to report back to them a pregnancy. All in all I will give this movie an A+. I do feel some of these kids gained something from meeting donor #150. Others seems like they could have done well without the experience.