15 weeks pregnant!!!

A lot has gone on,  and I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. I told my boss that I was pregnant. I was in a closed-door meeting with the one other employee who knows I am pregnant with my boss. I was nervous, scared and at a loss how to do this. So I thought if she was there with me it would help my confidence. She didn’t know I was going to announce it. She was just what I needed by my side. My boss was in straight shock. He asked me if I was coming back. I froze on how to answer that question. I am the worst in how to answer things properly in jobs not to screw yourself. I tend to talk too much and tell to much. Which of course I did. Then I ask everyone who will listen to tell me if I messed up.

The point is I can’t take the words back so I am going to have to suck up the consequences. I told him I didn’t want to announce it to the whole company until next month. When I make five month officially. He was cool with that and told the president and the VP. So now four people at my company no I pregnant. Only one knows under what circumstances. I am choosing not to answer those kind of questions at all. I did tell my boss I will be a single parent. He said okay, and didn’t ask any more question. When I originally announced it, I felt he thought I was about to get married and be a stay at home mom. That is far from the case.

I cancelled an appointment with my therapist. I reschedule for next week. I work up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I knew I couldn’t take driving to her office in traffic being so out of it. I have a few things to discuss. When I go she makes me feel at ease. She told me I was one of her patients she didn’t worry about.

I haven’t felt totally right since I started my third week of pregnancy. I am always nauseous. My pants are starting to get tight. I am going to head to Target today to find the Belly Band!! I am hoping it will help these pants last for a while!!!!

I am so LAME!!

I feel like an old young person. I discovered this song that I really like. It has been out for years. Someone told me about it randomly. I am really into music of the 80’s and 90’s. The kids singing this song were probably born in the 80’s. I am so old!!  No Air Jordan Sparks is on my new list of faves!!

I had vacation days and I was board. My friend is safe at home recovering. Thank god she is alright. Then I sat home doing nothing switching the channels and playing my Sims 3 game. My game was jacked up and I spent hours trying to fix it. When I finally figured it out, it was a simple problem. I feel like an idiot. I actually posted the problem on a technical board. Did I mention my house was looking crazy. All parts of the house were a mess.

I talked to my stay at home mom friend. She is home due to a layoff. I asked her what does she do being home all the time. She said when the baby is there she is busy. When the baby is not there she is also board. I finally cleaned the house. While I was talking to her the kitchen and bedroom and living room was presentable. I do so much cleaning talking on the phone. A couple of loads of laundry. I was down to the underwear I don’t like in the back of my drawer. House work always goes quicker when I am talking to someone.

Then I finally took a shower and got out of my PJ’s. Meaning my sweats tee shirt and fluffy socks. Yes I walked the dog in that outfit. I have to admit I walk the dog looking like a homeless person. I guess if there were any handsome men in my neighborhood then I would take more of an effort. The one guy that is hot I think is gay. Other then the young hoodlums hit on me. I wish I could move the hell out of here. One guy called me a bitch when he tried to talk to me. I ignored him continued to talk on my cell and prayed Pedro shit faster. So when the bitch comment came across I was happy as hell I ignored his ass.

After the shower I felt so fresh and so clean. Clearly I been in the south to long to quoting OutKast.

With my clean body I put on clean clothes and went to the nail shop. I finally treated myself to a Mani, Pedi, and eyebrows. I sent doctor dude a picture of my great looking feet. I am not going to say what he texts back. It did put a smile on face, big time.

While my toes were getting pampered the nail technician was telling me about herself. She is very friendly and talkative. Sometimes you are not in the mood but she was so bubble she put a smile on my face.

She met her husband in the Bahamas on vacation. He worked at the airport. They dated long distance for a year and got married. Wow how can that happen to me!!! It was a great story. She seemed like a very happy person. I need to be more like this woman. Her demeanor puts smiles on others. She was randomly my technician. I only let the owner do my eyebrows. I don’t care who does the fingers and toes. I left there smiling and told her I wished her look on having a second child.  I don’t think it was random I got her. God knows what he was doing!!

Lottery Crazyiness

5 Year Anniversary California Lottery Tickets ...

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I know I am crazy!! Not the needing to be lock up type. The she is a little different kind of crazy. I scratched one of my  lottery tickets. The ones I told you in a prior post sits on my dresser until I have a bad day. Well I wasn’t having a true bad day. It was a usually day. Sick of working wanting to be a free spirit not worrying about bills. Millions would be nice, but enough money to take a break would be great too.

Well I scratched the ticket. I won but I don’t know how much. Yes that is right I didn’t scratch the amount. My co-worker said I am plum weird. Well I wanted a few more days to fantasize what I would do if it is the top prize. I probably won a free ticket, but you never know.

Hey it is my world and I and I want to save the happiness for another day. I know strange right. My co-worker said there would be no way he could not know. Then he asked me for help with something. I said see you don’t want me to win then I won’t be here to help you. LOL!!!

Well the top prize is not enough to retire for life of anything. It is enough for me to be a fulltime student for a few years. Also a possible stay at home mom for a little while also. Which to me would be ten times better than the full-time student.

The boyfriend doesn’t know he is also in my plans if I happen to win. Meaning I will be on high-speed with this baby mission. Meaning sooner than later and would have to step it up. Well I let you into my strangeness. I will keep you posted if I can officially retire for a few years or buy another ticket to try again.