911 Highway Call

I was driving home from work. Chatting to my autism Mommy friend. I was bitching about checking my email every 20 minutes with no response from the autism center. I see a pickup truck swerve into another lane. The people in the lane beeped and he corrected. I thought wow that was crazy. Then he went in the other directions and took out three cars. I dropped my phone and yelled OHHH SHIT!!! Thank god I was not in that accident. I was behind that Truck several Miles Back. He was driving a big ass Truck and took out three little cars. I am not sure if he was drunk or had a stroke. The people behind the accident got around the accident. I told my friend I had to go. I called 911 and reported it.

That is the first time I saw an accident. I have seen the aftermath driving on the Highway. What scared me is that one driver had the fate of the other three drivers in his hands. I pray everyone made it out ok. Granted after watching that crazy shit, I am not totally sure.

Every day I make it home alive I am blessed.