Bad Christmas date!!

I met this guy at IHOP for our date. I was excited to have a Christmas morning date. Well the excitement ended when commented on what I ordered. He seemed like a control freak. Not to mention I thought I was on an episode of who the bleep did I marry.


In casual conversation he alluded to being a spy. Did he use the word spy. No, but he worked for the government in some capacity that seemed very secretive. Even thought he mention random things. I was told not to ask questions because he couldn’t talk about it. I am thinking to myself this guy can not be serious. Did I mention he had a few other suspicious employment. He kept going on and on. Did I mention he took his daughter on a stake out with a woman that sent to him by the government to be his date.


His main job is a fireman. I am sitting here wonder what type of woman falls for this crap. I got the feeling he had someone call him to get him out of the date. Thank god I wasn’t his type. I did not want to spend any extra time with this fool.  I have to chalk this up to one of the most crazy dates. Oh well, I got a free breakfast and a crazy story.


I am going to pray for anyone woman who encounters this man and believes his foolishness.


Ominous IHOP

Ominous IHOP (Photo credit: Mike Propst)