Baby project begins!

I will be at my first appointment for baby project tomorrow. 9am will be the beginning of this journey. Still very scared of the financial portion. I did see the amount I might have to pay for my blood work. My insurance company emails me the claims. It was 300 bucks. Yeah me!! I thought it would be a lot more than that. So we are starting off great.

Tomorrow appointment is going to be more than that. I know this is what I signed up for. I am still scared to death.

I am also coming to the clear realization I am in love with my ex. I always knew it in the back of my head. Just because you love someone does in no way mean they are good for you. All that remains to be seen with him. Also not my focus at the moment.

I didn’t go to acupuncture this weekend. Probably should have but didn’t feel like the drive and reporting the news I am not pregnant. I am going to head out there next weekend.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s house and had Nigerian food. It was great. I really like it. Shocking to me because I can be very picky. I do love West Indian food and it had some major similarities.

The ex did come over. We were supposed to go to dinner, but he was too late for that. He did take this big box to my car for Good Will. I am starting to see the issues of living on a third floor.  I did actually start putting my apartment together last night. Of course I got motivated after six pm.  Which left me well into the night putting stuff together. I still have a bunch of boxes all over the place.  Slowly it is coming together. I am glad I have a storage closet off my balcony. I am keeping all my boxes for later moving.

A good friend I haven’t talked to in a while called. I love hearing from her. She is one of the few people who came to visit me in Georgia. I really need to make it out to VA to see her. Not to mention I have family that live in the VA, DC area.  My mom ran into her mother recently. Her mom asked my mom about me coming home. My mom had to inform her that is on hold for a while. I ran my mouth so much about leaving, but not as much about staying. That is clear from all the people taking an interest of me being in Boston. I was planing to move last month. The major thing that sucks about GA compared to MA. MA has a mandate that the health insurance covers fertility. That would be so nice to have right now.

I decided it time to get back on point with my faith and working with the law. I am breaking out that book that was given to me years ago.  I need to find it. Working with the law. When I really got into it, I saw major positive things happen in my life. I believe they were happen all along, I wasn’t appreciating them.  It is time to get back on board.

I went to the gym yesterday and going today. I re committed myself to myfitnesspal. I am 210 pounds. Yes I am admitting that on my blog. I am six-foot tall, so I am not huge. I know I need to lose at least 30 pounds. That will all be on hold when I am pregnant. (Notice that I said when, Staying positive!!!). But for now, no junk and overeating. I clearly have a lot on my plate. Keeping hope alive!!!!



The best laid plans. I wanted to have a washer and dryer when I moved in. I coordinated with the leasing agent to open the door for the delivery people. Well his ass isn’t in the office at the moment. Which pisses me off, since I confirmed this with him a few days ago.

Well whoever is there told the delivery people who I don’t have a signed lease. Which is total bullshit. My lease is in my purse. I have paid them all the money from Friday until the end of the month. Now they took a lunch break. I been calling every five minutes  Not because I believe they will suddenly be there, but every time I think about it, I am dialing the number again.

Finally I got the manager on the phone. My lease does not start until Friday. She is willing to make an exception, and the young dude who told it will be okay is going to get in trouble. How about today is his day off. I am not feeling sorry for him. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong. I thought they do this all the time. I even called this fool two days ago to remind him. It is his damn day off. Clueless is all I can say. My friend who lives there said the staff is clueless. So I will tell her she is right!!

Now these people have me paranoid. I called my insurance company and tried to start my renters insurance pronto. They won’t start until 12:01 am. I can live with that. I pray for a smooth move on Friday. I need to breathe and let go and let god.

So the date I went on a little while ago. I thought I would text him. I wasn’t expecting much of a response because I felt he wasn’t interested. He actually did respond and said he had been busy. So we will see? I told him we could watch a movie at my place once it is together. I finally have a place to invite males over to.

I got two nice emails from two cute guys online today. Even though I take those things as a grain of salt. It is nice to hear you are gorgeous every now and again!!!


The price of my ticket. Ok this crap is legal black male. I go into the court-house and was given two choices. Plead guilty pay 217.00 and they won’t report it to my insurance company or put points on your license. Or plead innocent and get  a court day for three months down the road.

Huh!! Choices, Choices. Well I paid. I have no idea where I will be in three months. GA or MA. I felt suckered.

I have to say these public servants were beyond friendly. This county workers actually like their jobs. I can’t sat that for all of them. Years ago I had a ticket in another county. That court-house you thought you were in prison they way they were talking to the public.

Another reason I paid is, MA car insurance is crazy high. I don’t need a moving violation to make it increase more.

My mortgage company is asking for paper work I already sent. That kind of pissed me off but nothing I can do about it. I also had a few other things I had to compile. I am going to try to have it all tomorrow.

Funny thing happened today. I called my boss to give him FYI. Just fill him in on something in case he ever comes across it. He asked me was I making plans to leave the company?

Now if you don’t know you need to know. You never let the right hand know what the left is doing. Or course not was my answer. This job is on a need to know basis. When they need to know is two weeks before I am ready to be out the door. No sooner!!

Being Sick is no fun!

I woke up this morning feeling ill. I have been feeling this way for a long time. Stomach issues have pledge me for a few months. I am a non doctor person. I do make it to a yearly physical. Any other aches and pains I feel It will get better eventually.

I am acting like I don’t pay high premiums for health insurance. I might as well use it. I pay enough for it. I don’t like the inconvenience of being sick. I called my doctor hoping to be seen today. Of course that didn’t happen. I got an appointment for tomorrow. I will be leaving work early to take care of myself. Something I should have done a few months ago. The nurse on the phone gave me a lecture about waiting to deal with this issue.

So I laid on the couch sick with my dog. He loves to snuggle on the couch.

My aunt called me this morning screaming the house is burning down and the phone went dead. My mind went crazy and I called her back. It was the house next to hers. She was outside praying the fire did not travel to her house. I finally caught my breath. Thank you god she is not homeless. Thank god she is alive. I thanked god for a lot in that moment.

On a brighter note something I wrote for the SMBC website was posted. I feel so important.

It deals with Money issues.

I hope to get a prescription and be well. Positive thinking!!

Insurance Companies Are USELESS!!!

Health Insurance

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

I wrote a letter to my health insurance company explaining my medical fraud experience. Ok they denied my complaint. I was pissed. This doctor did tests I did not authorize. Then you wonder why medical is plum crazy. It is not the doctors it the damn insurance companies. How about looking into fraud and maybe we can cut down some of these cost.

They will pay attention when it is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not my two hundred bucks. That clearly is not worth their time. So my next stop is the insurance commissioner. I was going to write that letter this weekend. I totally forgot until Sunday night. So I left it for today when I get home from work. My mind will be clear. All this drama!! I am sick of them always trying to drain the little people. The middle class, the working poor. We have to fight for everything and get absolutely no handouts.

I swear my friends think I have so much money because I am single. That is far from the truth. They have two income to work with.  A roof over your head is usually a third of your income. Granted people who have more money tend to spend more money.  I have a decent job with decent pay. With this economy all I see is everything going up but my paycheck. I don’t know why I am complaining no one is listening. Well I guess that is what a blog is for to complain!!


Ok Aunt flow showed up again. Now I am going to test twice a day every day until I find that LH surge. The RE said if you have a regular period 90% of the time you ovulate. I am banking on this theory. I have bought the cheap ovulation kits from Amazon. I got a bundle of 50. I also bought 50 Dixie cups to collect my sample.

I am praying I can locate it. I don’t need any more drama. I am holding off on anymore testing until the New Year. I don’t want to start paying a deductible to have to pay it again. Also open enrollment is coming up and I can get the best insurance. I think I picked the middle of the road insurance this year.  When I was picking my insurance plan I had no idea I would be on this baby journey.  It wasn’t even a thought in my mind. Now it is all I think about. Not all but it takes up a lot of brain space.

I also know there are things I need to be working on. Such as the novel that has been in my computer for over a year. Yes the outline is done. I haven’t touched it and still have many chapters to work on. The blanket I was making for a friend’s daughter. This blanket has been in a corner for over a year. I feel bad every time I look at it. I am trying to get motivated, in all aspects of my life.  Wish me luck!!!

Unnecessary Test

I don’t understand what is going on in my world lately.  I went to the gynecologist. I spent a painstaking week making sure my medical records to be transferred. I was going for family planning with my next steps of trying to have a baby.

I get to this appointment and was very pissed off with the wait. Then when I am seen by the doctor he tells me all my records were not sent. I was beyond pissed. I made many phone calls to make sure those records were sent. I even called this doctors secretary to make sure he had it. She said yes. I should have known this was about to go badly.

He wanted to do a pap smear. I asked why I already had one. He claimed it didn’t show these cells that he wanted to see. The records that were sent over did have my lab work. Then I asked him if my insurance will pay for it. He says yes because it was because he sees something wrong with the test.

Now weeks later I get a bill from the lab. It includes tests I did not authorize. I also called his office last week because my insurance company said they were not paying for the pap smear.  I receive an email from insurance company when a claim is submitted. It looks like the nurse did a regular annual tests and not just this pap he told me was being done.

I called the woman doing medical billing about the pap issues. After I called my insurance company they said she put it under regular annual codes. If it was done special she needs to put it under that code.  She agreed to resubmit it. It sounded like I was bothering her.

Now on Saturday I get another bill for test I had no idea were being done. Now I have to call them on Monday to deal with this issue. I am hoping it will not be drama and they will deal with it.  If not, I am not taking this crap lying down. I don’t have money just to give away for test I did not ask for.

I left that appointment being told to take my basal temperature for the next three months.  He also wanted me to take a HSG test. I didn’t need to go to him for that.