Autism Center Conflicts

Let me start with I love Ava Autism Center. I really like what they do and how devoted they are to the children. That being said I know my child. I know I need to trust in the process. As I said prior that food therapist shut me up in a big way.

I went to the center for training. The BCBA said he doesn’t think Ava can differentiate between pictures. I told him I disagree. The prior ABA noted she can distinguish between 50 photos. Now I never got the vibe she could do 50 pictures. They did show me things I was impressed with. The problem is Ava doesn’t have a lot of things that drive her.

Meaning candy, food, etc. She is big on the tablet, hugs, and people touching her. She also likes the song. So he said will she take a consolation prize. Meaning she wants you to sing a particular song and you sing another song will she care. I said no she will not. Which is something I love about my child? For the most part, she is happy and low key. She is not that rigid that if she gets something different, she will fall out. Now with the tablet yes that is full-fledged on the floor kicking and screaming.

I asked him where is the book from the prior ABA. He gave it to me I handed it to Ava. She flipped through the book and picked the tablet. I said to see if she didn’t discriminate she would have chosen anything. Then I took the tablet picture out the book and handed it to her again. She flipped through it and picked nothing. So if she couldn’t discriminate she would have chosen anything.

He saw my point. I picked out the six pictures of things Ava like. The rest she didn’t care about. So hopefully we made some headway. I feel they do not push the children. They cry that is it. My child is smart. I cry, and they will leave me alone and not make me do anything.

I am going to stay wholly involved at every turn. I am fully aware we need to work together. I feel Ava is brilliant. The fact that Ava has no words is the roadblock to us knowing her abilities.

I started letting her figure it out. Instead of assuming she can’t do it. The first example is the carseat. My dad bought her a Carseat that can grow with her. It is big and bulky and now having almost 4 year old I would have gotten the smaller verision. So this carseat never leaves my car. I would always pick her and put he in the carseat. Now I say get in her seat.

Now she goes and attempts to get in her carseat. I help on occasion, but I give her time to figure it out.

I feel there is a wall in front of my daughter. I can see her through a window and that is how we communicate. I need to find the key to the door that separtes us.