Aunt Flow is here!!

No pregnancy this month. At least with this upcoming cycle I am not going anywhere. Known Donor and I have had a come to Jesus meeting. We will see if he continues to act right. I took yesterday off. I was mentally sick. I needed a break to just do nothing. Which is exactly what I did. I stayed in the bed to three pm. Then I got my ass up dusted myself off and rejoined the world. I think on a better note. I needed to be pitiful for a day.

When I got up I walked the park twice. I didn’t over eat yesterday. I had a hard time going to bed. Which figures after sleeping on and off for countless hours. I even did my Dance central 3 game on my XBOX. I am still keeping hope alive.

I have been lonely lately. I need to do more and meet people. I am back online. Yes what else is there to do at my age. I don’t want to join a bunch or random groups. Which is the usual answer from any non single person. I want one on one male attention. I find it hard to do while trying to make a baby with someone else. I am going to phrase my ad as looking for a friend to hang out with. Instead of I am looking for the love of my life. Which I have to say honestly at this moment I am not. Also I don’t have to tell them a damn thing. I think one of my major problems is I have a big mouth.

I am going to begin the soy isoflavone again today. 1-5 is to help achieve the pregnancy with old eggs. 5-9 is for multiples, 3-7 is a happy medium most women use. I am going for 1-5. Yes I would like multiples but if I have to get pregnant again it is what it is. It has succeeded in pushing my ovulation back. Which in my mind is a great thing. I am not sure if the cervical mucus is harming the sperm. I am going to look into doing something about that this month. I haven’t noticed an influx of it. Who knows, anything is worth a shot. I think I drink some Robitussin for a few days. I can do that. As you can see I am willing to try anything.

I just found this on a mommy website.

1-5 = you produce more eggs, and ovulate sooner, with a stronger ovulation.

2-6 = you produce more eggs that usual, but not as many as taking it 1-5. Eggs may be more mature, and ovulation will be slightly more strong than 1-5.

3-7 = The best of both worlds, a few more eggs, and all eggs will be strong & mature, and ovulation will be alot stronger than 1-5.

4-8 = No more eggs will be produced, but the ones already there, will be matured alot more than usual, and ovulation will be very strong. Ovulation may only be brought forward a teeny bit.

5-9 = You’ll have one very mature strong egg, from the ones you already produced on your own. Ovulation will either happen when it usually does, or a few days later, but your egg will be of great quality.

I might be going at this very wrong. I am going for 5-9 this month, or 4-8.


A little stress!!

Don't Look Back (Boston album)

I finally got someone on the phone at my mortgage company that seemed confident in what they were telling me. When you are making life changing decisions you want the person to be confident. The other two customer service reps kept putting me hold. They sounded like as if they were guessing. Hopefully I can fax in everything by Friday the latest.

My family is still driving me a little crazy with the nervous questions. I have a feeling god is on my side with this one. So today I am not nervous. I am doing what I have to do. I wish I did it earlier.

This guy I met online, who knows when called last night. Actually he called several times. I had no idea who he was so I didn’t answer. You think if he wanted a response he would have left a message. No he just wasn’t that bright. So he proceeded to call me four times. He was already x out for that one. You don’t leave me a message and just call over and over again. That doesn’t sit right with me.

So when he finally gets me on the phone. I tell him I am not interested I am moving back home. The man acted devastated that I didn’t remember who the hell he was. Then the blow I wasn’t interested got him to begging. He asked if we could meet. I said for what I am leaving. You don’t want to meet me he whimpered. I said no I don’t want to meet you.

Jesus what kind of self-esteem train wrecks find my profile so attractive. He has never met me nor talk to me before. Why is my leaving the state of Georgia devastating this man. I finally got off the phone with the crazy.  I hurt his feelings. I have to say I really didn’t care. I guess that is cruel. It was clear the man had issues. Even if I wasn’t leaving I wouldn’t have been interested in him.

I am on a high because things are going very well. I hope it keeps up because I am flying high!!.

I change all my dating profiles to Massachusetts. Some cutie pies emailed me. Where their hell were they when I use to live there!!!