Married Men

121- A Married Man

121- A Married Man (Photo credit: Holtsman)

Over the years I have had many married men hit on me. What I find interesting is the fact that they don’t hide that they are married. It goes to show how many women don’t care, that is why these men feel so comfortable. Needless to say I have never dated anyones husband on purpose. Now if he takes the ring off and makes up lies to cover his tracks I can’t say I am innocent.

All this to say a acquaintance from my past called. A guy I met through a friend 11 years ago. We were supposed to have a date. It never quite happened. I was attracted to him and him clearly me. Neither one of us was that interested to make it happen.

Well several years back a mutual acquaintance told him he got married. I thought that was nice. I only talked to him on email. So I sent him a congrats on the wedding. I was getting the feeling he didn’t want me to know. I didn’t even think about it I rare come into contract with this person.

Last year he called out the blue and asked me out. He dressed it up like we would be going with a bunch of people. It made me feel real uncomfortable. He never called back to confirm so I let it go.

Then two weeks ago he called out the blue. We chit chatted for a few minutes. Then he said you don’t keep in touch. I said you are married.

He found that to be insulting and said we can still talk. I let him know I don’t carry on with married men. Oh his wife isn’t like that. Really I said!! Well if we were such good friend I would have me the woman. They have been married for four years. I said talking to someone twice in four years does not constitute friendship. He protested he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I told him I have no idea what is going on in his marriage. Also I could careless. I don’t create friendship with married men. If we were truly friends before you got married then fine. This situation was just uncomfortable. I let him know I will respect your wife the way I would want to be respected if I was married.

In my opinion he was trying to hard to change my mind. Why was I all of sudden important? The conversation left on a sour note. I can’t say he would be missed. He wasn’t really a part of my life at all. He needs to find the woman who doesn’t mind sharing him with his wife. I MIND!!

Also I don’t need his wife calling me with any drama. Been there done that. The ones who slip off the ring and tell the lies, wives some how found my number.

In those situation I told them he is yours and keep him. I hate drama. I try to avoid it. Also Karma is a bitch. I have enough bad Karma with relationships. I don’t need any more!!!

No news is good news

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I have nothing to report. Things have happened. I was insulted and unfriended on Facebook. The internet is full of perverts. All these things are true but I didn’t let it control my day.

I had a pretty decent day. I haven’t focussed on anything bad today. A friend of mine at work is graduating with her BA. Her hard work is a testimony that working hard and determination you can achieve a goal. I went to college straight from high school. I did have many part-time jobs. I lived in the dorms for four years. I didn’t want to pay utilities. I felt dorm living was cheaper. I also had a single room so I felt it was perfect.

She had it so much harder than I. Working full-time and taking care of a house and relationship while going to school. She had some great time management.

Today I have accepted there are a lot of assholes in the world. I need not get myself upset by others actions. The only one I can control and change is myself.

I have finally stopped hating my ex. I don’t need that resentment and hate in my heart. It will only eat me alive. I am still mad but I don’t hate the man. He is one of those assholes I was referring to.  I need to let Karma work in their lives.

I really feel when you are meant to people on purpose it comes back to you ten fold. I will let Karma take care of these people and just focus on myself.

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

the courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference.

I can only change me and that is all I am going to worry about today.