Five pounds down!!

I am praying this is not a fluke. I am nervous to claim the results. It has been less then a week. I have been doing the Low Carb, High Fat diet. Five pound weight loss.

This way of life goes against every diet book I have taken and read. Also the program I was in for a lot of years. I bought a new scale and will be doing updates once a week. I was also going to make video’s about it on my YouTube channel. Which I would have done today. If my child didn’t wake up at 4am. I have been off all day. It is 11pm and I have several things I need to accomplish.

Of course we played the power ball. How can you resist 300+ million dollars. I tried to fantasize with my mother about what we would do with the winnings. Of course she says win the money first. Does she not understand the fun part of playing. The fantasy part is my thing. Of course I do feel a big win is in my future. Do I need 300 million dollars. NO!! Would I turn it away if I won it. Hell no!! I would give a good amount away.

So we will see tomorrow what state won. Or does it rollover to the next time. Ava acted a fool in the mall today. Cried from the moment we got there to the moment we left. I felt she was tired, with us being off schedule. I had to go to Stride Rite to get her foot measured. I realized she had been wearing those shoes for a long time. They were not as easy to get on as they use to be. So of course she needs new ones. I ordered them. She will have them sometime next week. It wasn’t an emergency being she doesn’t really the house much during the week.

Today was a good day. Not much going on, and I am thankful for no snow. If you were in Boston last year during the blizzard you would totally understand that statement.

Learning and Learning!!

I came home late. I was supposed to get the deep freezer today. That was rain checked which is fine with me I am tired. I hit the store looking for pork rinds. No luck at my grocery store. I did get more almonds.

I did so much better on my new lifestyle (diet) today then yesterday. I ran out of almonds at work. Had to take a walk to two corner stores to find them. Which is so not me. I am very determined with this thing. Also my co-worker had the bypass surgery and she is pretty much eating the same way.

I haven’t been excited about eating in years. I really been on point. I also don’t beat myself up. Which is something totally different. Work is uneventful, but I am not complaining. I like uneventful instead of stressful. So far so good. I have been there almost two months. I am feeling very blessed.

We finally got Ava on a schedule. Getting my mother to do something I need a 2/3 congressional vote. Once I told her you tell Ava to lay down and she will. That is all she needed to know. Now she eats lunch at 11:30pm and nap at noon. Then when I get home dinner, every other night a shower with washing hair on Sundays. Hang out for a little bit and she goes to bed at 8-8:30pm. It has worked for the past three days.

From what I am hearing afternoon nap is done with no push back. Going to bed for the night, I don’t have it that easy. She gives me that hell no look. I have to keep stressing it. Until I show her I am the boss and will get over her whining and fake crying. Eventually she gives up lays down and falls asleep.

Today things are good. I did play the power ball for 300 million. I am about to start a lottery team at the job. Clearly I can’t give up my gambling ways. #LIVINGTHEDREAM