Veronica Mars obessed

I did not watch this show when it was on TV. I got into this show the way I do many. The reruns caught my interest. It was hard over the years to find the streaming service that plays the show. A few years ago the movie came out and I watched it several times. I don’t know what attracts me to a blond white teenager that solves crimes.

There are certain shows I can watch them over and over and not get bored. Presently The Big Bang Theory and Mom is my favorite.

Well, Comcast has Veronica Mars TV show on demand. I have been watching for several weeks. Then I wanted to watch the movie. I searched, Comcast, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. They all wanted me to pay to rent the movie. I wanted to see it but jumping in my pocket for a movie I see four times was not on the agenda.

All this to say I was flipping the channel and guess what popped up on the POP channel. Veronica Mars the movie. I saved it on my DVR. I don’t know did I will the movie I search for online for about an hour to pop up on the T.V. Not sure but it is a nice surprise.

I don’t mind things going my way. I love how diverse the T.V. show is. Her best friend was a young black boy. Which was never the main point of there friendship or ever mentioned. Her father dated her friend’s mother. There were many things about the show that was groundbreaking. I also love the Latino guys riding the motorcycles.

I also liked that she was in the lower middle class of this town.  I guess I love watching the underdog succeed.

My plans for 2018

I already have written this post and it disappeared. Lucky me, I am writing it again because I want to lay claim to my success in the new year.

I just spent another hour out there shoveling. I need a strong man in my life for real.

  1. Finish my book completely published in 2018
  2. lose 80 pounds (praying no stressful situations will have me in the fast food drive-thrus)
  3. My baby talking (I am praying by four we will be talking to each other)
  4. Pray daily ( I don’t have time or space for a vision board. I am going to pray for what I need, want and desire each day)
  5. Get into a relationship(This will be hard but not impossible, Major trust issues to work on, but I am finally ready to work on them)

I don’t remember my original list that disappeared but this one is good also. I hate the snow and a few days ago was the first storm. It makes me miss Atlanta in a big way. My two-way street is not a narrow one way. My mother is concerned about the transportation picking up Ava. He usually doubled park. My feet are frozen pops right now. I have to wait until Ava falls asleep for my mother and I will try and get the snow blower running again. It knocked out last night and we are hoping after a good night rest it starts working again.

Merry Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (video game)

I wish everyone a great holiday and many more. This year I am going to focus on being blessed. I have many things to be thankful for. Granted I look at my life and see gaping holes that I want filled. I desire things that I haven’t been able to make happen. It really gets to me at time.

This up coming year I know will bring new blessing. I have a feeling my life will be changing. I am staying focused on the positive. Which is very difficult for me because I am such a negative person. I am going to work on the Laws of Attraction this year. When I put my heart in soul into that state of thinking, Great things were happening.

Then I fell off as usual with everything I try to do. I need to stop focussing on the past which I cannot change. My head has been stuck in my past mistakes. How I wish I had baby desires earlier. How I wish I sold my house before the housing crash. How I wish I should have given that guy a chance who really wanted me. I can wish all I want, but those things will not change.

My plan is to leave those things in the past.  It is hard but I am really trying to work on it.

Working with the Law

The journey I am on started very randomly. It all began with a guy I met online. We talked on the phone for about a week.  I of course told him about my life in great detail. We had several intense conversations. That weekend we met at a restaurant of his choice. He even brought information about my medical condition that he found online.

By the end of the lunch we settled that we were going to be friends. We continued the date at a local pool hall. He shared his cigarettes (yes I smoke working on quitting.) He told me I had energy. I was weary he might be crazy, but intrigued by what he was telling me. He asked me if I ever seen the movie the secret. I remember the secret from my mom mentioning it in 2006. She seen it on Oprah and was really into it. I just yes her to death and put no effort into learning what it was about. He told me he was going to buy me a book: Working with the law, 11 truth principles for successful living by Raymond Holliwell.

The next day I went to my neighbor’s house looking to borrow some movies. I downgraded my cable because Comcast is to damn expensive. I had a bunch of movie channels; I had to admit I never watched. I was going through his countless movies. After flipping through a bunch of horror, and actions flicks the movie The Secret appeared. It was less than 12 hours after the secret was presented to me at the pool hall. I asked my neighbor why he had this movie. He said he had it for his mom. Now this was a sign, my journey began that day. I watched the movie and started to think of the possibilities. A week later true to his word I had the book: Working with the law in my hand. I knew my life was about to change.