Need a break!

I have been going to bed at 9pm. I put Mr. shitty paints in his crate and it is lights out. He is looking at me like I am crazy. I usually don’t go to bed until midnight. I have to say I don’t feel anymore rested in the morning. I still don’t want to get out of the bed like usual.

I am ready for the weekend. Even with this being a short week it seems like it is lasting forever. I was asked to possible¬†work on Saturday. I wasn’t a happy camper. I wish I had a child and could say oh sorry no child care can’t help you. I swear single with no kids means you are open anytime.

It wasn’t even asked as a question. It was assumed it would be done. I made plans this weekend. I spent New Years in bed at 10:30pm. I have a date on Friday night. With a new guy I met online as usual. We had one conversation and we are supposed to meet at 9pm on Friday night. I wouldn’t have planed such a late date if I knew I had to be at work on Saturday morning. I hoping the work thing doesn’t happen.

My new friends I met at the meet up group are going back to the Cowboy club Saturday. They ladies room attendant told us to come back on a Saturday on a non holiday weekend. I am ready to get my line dancing on. I was planing to look for a new outfit on Saturday. A weekend of fun. I need it. Hopefully I can start 2012 off with a bang.