City Living Sucks

There is a house on my street that doesn’t mind making all other neighbors mad. They have parties which I could give a shit about. They will have a DJ and the music is blaring so loud you can hear it all the way down the street. This house is 8-10 houses away from me. I don’t think they own the house. So hopefully eventually their ass will move.

On the fourth of July, they had fireworks going for four hours. In the middle of the street. Cars had to go around there set up. They didn’t end the bullshit until close to 1 am. I had to go to work the next day. I have called the cops on them several times. When I get through I find out half the neighborhood calls the cops on them.

I don’t see the cops coming over here in a timely fashion. I might have to report this bullshit to the mayor office. I can’t believe people can be so rude. Don’t care who they are bothering. I am all for a good time, but damn!!!