Just my LUCK!!

IMAX at the Melbourne Museum in Melbourne, Aus...

I have been asked on a great date. A new guy from online asked me to meet him at the Fernbank museum tonight. He got a lot of points in my book for that suggestion. That place is beautiful. He would be driving a long distance to get there. What sucks if I might have to work late tonight and tomorrow.

He is being very understanding if I can’t make it. I will be the pissed off one if I don’t make it. I have no idea what to wear. I will have to rush home and find something cute and sexy. Sounds like clothes will be all over my bedroom until I find the right outfit. This weekend is going to be packed with things to do. I am going to the cowboy club tomorrow night  and I have a few meetings I need to go to.

The one great date I have been asked on in several years and I might have to work. I have been asked on dates but always some place random like a bar. I like that this guy things outside of the box.

How the hell does that happen that work is getting in the way. They have Martini and IMAX on friday nights. I don’t drink but the atmosphere is so nice. This guy is an academic. He is a professor at a college and has his PH D. We talked on the phone and had a decent conversation. 

We will see how things work out. What ever happens it was meant to be. I guess I have no choice but to live life on life’s terms. I still hope I make it. I am going to keep hope alive!!!