Apartment hunting

This is when being single sucks. I really want someone else opinion. An opinion of someone who would be living there also.

I am praying for my friend/roommate and her relationship with her mother. More drama happened this weekend. I am not getting into the story. It didn’t have anything to do with me and I don’t want this blog to be about gossip. I only write about things that affect me.

I know I want to be the person not affected by the situation. The reason I am looking for a place. But also be able to be a listen ear to my friend when she needs it. Stress is not good for me. I eat when I am stressed. Also it will not be good for trying to have a baby at all.

I went to six apartment complexes on Saturday. A few I turned around as soon as I drove in.  After going to all these places I know what I want. I want a safe, clean, no bugs place.  I am thinking I want a place with an alarm. I think it will make me feel safer. I am making a lot more money, I need to treat myself better. Not going crazy but no so cheap.

I am about to spend a lot of money on trying to get pregnant. Which I always have had  financial insecurities. I need to put on my big girl panties and get over it. There is a lot of people in a lot more debt then me. I only have a loan out for 10k with my credit union. I consolidated my debt. It was 15k so I am happy with what I paid down. I own my car, no school loans, minimal credit card debt (Under 300 bucks). So I am doing damn good. I should be proud of myself. I still always feel like I need to do better. I haven’t taken a vacation in years. Granted my financial situation was completely different from I stated.  My friend asked me to take a vacation. My focus is having a baby. Not getting in debt to sit on the beach. Not to say there is anything wrong with that.  It just not a priority to me at this moment.

Leaving my present situation, I figured might cost me an additional 400-500 a month. I am trying not to get in debt. Also saving money so when the baby or babies or born I can stay home as long as I desire within reason.

The hard part of this whole thing, I was very comfortable at my friend’s house. I know she loved having me. At least that is what she told me. Sh has no reason to lie. They have taught me things in a few short months and I appreciate the experience.

I have to say looking for an apartment sucks. I don’t want to be bamboozled.  The one place I loved got bad reviews when I did some research online. Now I know not to believe every review. But a person wrote a review of how they should have listen to the bad reviews. LOL!!! The one I will be looking at this week had a 89 percent recommendation.  Now that I know what I am looking for it will make it easier.

I am also going to try to find cheaper movers. A lot to do. I would love to be on my way by March 1 st but we will see. The other problem is how long of a lease to sign.

Living with my friends I had total freedom. If three months from now I think I hate living in Georgia I could leave. Now I am making a commitment via a lease. I might only sign a six month lease. I have to work that out. So much to do, so little time.


Military Man!!

I have been asked to tell more about Military Man. I met him online. He lives in CT. Since I am moving back to Boston this particular website match me with all of New England.

New Hampshire, Maine, RI and CT. So I sent him a flirt. To my delight he responded. All my life I have had a big attraction to Latino Men. He is a sexy Dominican. Talking to I realized  he does not even realize how attractive he is. He also has green eyes which adds to his sexyiness.

We have had a handful of conversation. None of these included sexual topics. That really put him on the top of my list. He is divorced with one child. In the Military and plans to retire in the Military. I told my aunt I was going to marry him and move to CT. She said just have a baby. I told her stop fucking with my fantasy. Presently the man is in CT and I am in GA. Who knows what could happen. I can’t predict the future and neither can she.

I am not totally crazy!! Nothing could come from this at all. I am enjoying the attention. We are also Facebook friends. Which he post funny videos of himself which had me on the floor laughing. I could end up with a Sexy Dominican Military friend. Or shit he could be my husband and father to my children!!

I am still on the single mother by choice ban wagon. It has not left yet. The funny thing is he said he would have no problem being a donor. I was shocked. I didn’t bring up the topic. He was talking about a Lesbian friend he would help out if she wanted to get pregnant. Does he not sound perfect!! Yes he does!! I am going to enjoy the attention and what ever happens, happens. Believe me I still have the cryobank on speed dial!!

I am loving my living situation. My roommates walk my dog. I am really free!! He is spoiled and still doesn’t listen. There dog is the ruler and my dog falls in line. Now he mimics their dog. It is hilarious. I also went to Planet Fitness for about an hour and half. My food has been great. It is a wonder what freedom does for a person.

So I haven’t scratch my ticket. I am going to do it tonight. It could be a game changer!! Here is to changing the GAME!!!

Life is stranger than FICTION!!!

I really don’t have time to write this post. I have been missing in action for a while. So much has been going on. Some I planned some I could have never imagined.

My short sale should closes on Friday. Then I am moving on Saturday. I will have two roommates. I haven’t lived with anyone but my dog in years. I am hoping a praying this is a great experience. My dog is coming with, and will be left with them when I make the final move.

Well yesterday my boss gave his two weeks notice. Then I was told they wanted me for the position. I have to say I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded. Not that I didn’t think I could do the job. It is the fact of being recognized. I always have less faith in my abilities then others.

The problem is I have to turn down the job. One I am moving. I didn’t do all of this crap (prior posts) to stay here. Also the job is very stressful and I really don’t want that in my life. I would have never have ever guested this would have happened. As my aunt says god has jokes.

On the dating front. I met this guy we will call Mr. Military. He is in the army in CT. We have been talking and I have a crush. He seems so nice and sincere!! SO FAR!!! Let me put that out there so you do not think I went crazy on you. I have a thing for Latino men, and men in uniform. So we will see where my crush takes me. If I had the money I would move to Boston now. I have to wait several months to save for this move.

So much to do, so little money!!! Clearly my life I couldn’t have dreamt up!!

A little over two weeks!

My life will be doing a complete change. I will soon be a roommate then moving back with moms. All this time of being on my own. I have to say I will be enjoying the roommate rent scale. I can’t beat that at all. I have a house of boxes. My back hurts again. Perfect timing right!!

I wish it was already done. Now I have to walk through the steps of freedom from this property. I thought I was terminally stuck. Now I know everything happens for a reason and god makes a way.

Everything is going according to plan. Actually faster than planned. My realtor did say it could take months on months. It took about two months. It would have been faster if they didn’t reject me the first time. Once closing is done and my stuff is moved. I am free, totally free!!!

I might be getting a little carried away. I still have bills and other responsibilities. But those things can travel with me. I don’t have to deal with any issues concerning a house. Which is a major form of freedom to me.

In my usual fashion I still buy scratch tickets. If I happen to hit I will definitely be leaving GA a lot sooner than expect. Hit!! Please Hit!! I am so ready to get this party started!!

My life in boxes!

I am packing away ten years of my life. I am finding a lot of things I forgot about. This is the first major move of my life. I didn’t have much before I bought this house. I had a 19 inch TV and books. My life has evolved over the years.

The lady at U-haul was not friendly. I gave her the wrong box information. Shit I don’t know large to X large boxes. It was an easy mistake. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I asked her to help me bring them to my car. I am paying for service. She didn’t say anything. She did help but didn’t seem to happy about it. My mother is going to love all my stuff. We are about the same size. I might have to put the smack down on her wearing my stuff. I do have a lot of stuff. I need to lose 20 pounds and I can fit back into most of my clothes. I am working on it!!!

Renters have been coming by to look at the place. The lady who bought my house is letting me stay a few extra days. If I accommodate renters viewing the place. No big deal I am happy to help. She took the property off my hands. This couple came by yesterday. The man was very attractive to me. All I could think about was his blue eyes and friendly demeanor as they toured the house. It is hard to not tell the total truth. I only answered the question they asked. I didn’t go into to detail about my issues with the neighborhood. The woman was from Boston. We chatted a little about that. She wanted to know why I wanted to go back. I told her family obligations. Which is true on many levels.

On a different subject. I met this guy online. I believe he lives on my mothers street. How funny is that. We have only had one phone conversations and a few text messages. I am noticing very quickly I am putting in more effort. I know my being in another state men are not as interested. My neighbor told me when I move to take down my ad and put it back up. Make sence.

If I had the money I would not be worrying about internet dating at all. It is baby time!!! It would be nice to have guy friend. Especially if I need something like moving furniture setting up my WI-FI. I am sure my mother and I can work it out. It still would be nice to have another option if needed. So I am putting dude in the friend zone. I don’t chase men. My 20’s are over. I made enough of those mistakes back then. If he is interested he will show it. If not I will move on as usual.

I think I am becoming so cynical when it comes to men. I need to create a balance of keeping hope alive and being positive, And not being stuck on stupid because I like some guy!!!

Nothing is ever easy!

I was so excited yesterday. I received a monetary prize from my job (Long Story) very much appreciated. I decided to upgrade my cell service. I have Metro PCS for the cost. I had read reviews. I know with my move and driving across country I needed something better. Plus the internet is so slow on my metro.

I went to the sprint store in the pouring rain. Clearly I was ready for my new toy!!! The sales guy tells me someone else is used my social security to get a phone. How about under a different name. My heart skipped several beats. WTF!! I don’t need this crap right now. Then he said they had a delinquent balance of 1,400 since 2008.

Now I looked at him completely crazy 2008. I check my credit report every year. Shit last year I had a 829 credit score. Granted with the house situation I don’t have that now. I had sprint about 12 years ago. He gave my the sprint fraud number and said to come back when it is cleared it.

Now I am in the pouring rain in my car on the phone with fraud protection. They tell me it isn’t a typo. Also on public record this person is using my SS#. Come on now. How the hell does two different people have the same social security number. Then he asked me where I was from. I told him Boston. He said this person lives there also.

No shit Sherlock. SSN# is based on location and year. Now I am having a freak out. He told me to file a police report. I ran down the road to the police station that records office was close. I didn’t know what to do so I called 911. I thought it was bit dramatic to call 911 but hey I didn’t know what the hell to do. They told me an officer would be calling me to take my report.

I ran home and went to Equifax website. I put a fraud alert on my account. Which updates to the two other agencies. Then armed with what the sprint guy said I went to the web with my SS# looking for this other person information. After I typed my SS# into one site, I realized this isn’t a good plan. I am inviting other fraudulent people in my life. So now I am paranoid I made the situation worse.

I added the Equifax fraud protection to my credit report. I am going to leave it on there for about six months. I don’t care if it is 19.95 I need peace of mind. So I printed out my credit report from Equifax, and Transunion. All looks good. Other than my current house situation. WTF !! Now I feel stupid! This has to be sprint doing!!

I called them first thing this morning to get to the bottom of it. They tell me again it is not a keying error. Excuse me how the fuck do they know that. They claim to have tools. Oh really I wonder what tools can tell you what happened in 2007. What if someone wrote it down wrong. Who the hell knowns. This fraud person was friendly opposed to the asshole I got the day before.

She put a fraud alert on that account. Now I have to go the sprint store with my SS card and a utility bill. Okay I have that just in case. I go to a sprint store at lunch. He is on the phone with fraud. They told me to tell the sales clerk to call them. I hear him I will inform the customer. I am thinking oh lawd some other crap.

He gets off and informs I need to go to a corporate store. The store I was in was an authorized dealer. SHIT SHIT SHIT. How the hell would I have known that. More, and more time wasted. Did I mention there are no dealers close to me. I am going to make the journey to one after work.

I called my credit union. I told the customer service rep I had a strange request. Could he run my social security number and see if someone else name is attached to it. He said I doubt it. First he can’t do it and he doubt that is what happened. Fraud is someone using your information not using their name and your social. I told him what happened and he said sprint did the same to him and his father. DAMN!!

I wasn’t happy it happened to him. I was happy I wasn’t alone. So I been asked why go with them. They are the cheapest. Credit Union guy said yeah what can you do. absolutely nothing!!!!

Final phase!

I signed the approval letter for my short sale. Thank you Jesus.

Now I have to focus on moving and when I will have to move. It could be as early as two-week. Yes I should have been packing and doing the necessary things to move. Clearly I did nothing. My friend said I don’t have much to move. I do tend to live like a college student. I need to go through ten years of crap. Starting this weekend. People will have to come and get their crap. My neighbor has stuff in my storage closet. She is getting a text to come and get it. Also I am giving my grill to another neighbor. He will have to come and get that. Not that I used it any how. My cousin left it when he moved. It would be great someone else can get some use out of it. The wheels are in motion. I can’t get off the bus now.

My mini move to a friend’s house. I haven’t been in a roommate situation in a long time. This should be interesting. I hope it all goes great. I am only going to be there for a few months. At most four. This is final phase of my paperwork. It actually went rather quickly. You wouldn’t know it with the stress I felt about the whole process.

I am ready to make the move home, but I have to do this in steps!! God give me the strength!!!

Fighting Depression!

The bank rejected lowering the price of my house. I know all is not lost. But I wanted to cry at my desk. No man, No baby, stuck in a house. I know not the biggest problems ever. But they are my problems and I am ready to get on with my life. I am ready to leave this state.

My realtor is still on board. He did mention walking away. Many reason why I don’t want to go that option. The biggest one is the government garnishing wages for the difference. He said he didn’t know anyone that happen to. I hate statements like that. Meaning I could be the one that happens to. I am trying to do things the right way.

Maybe the people who came to see it will be interested. Please , Please, Please I am praying they are. I am so ready for this to be done with this.

I also have been dog sitting. I will never do it again. I feel so bad about it. These are good friends of mine. They will be taking my dog when I move. They are going to let me live with them before I move back home. So of course I  agreed to watch their dog when asked. Well this dog has shown his ass big time.

I have a dog but I am not a dog person. I should have never gotten my dog. We have muddled through the years. Well the visiting dog has shit and pissed on my floor several times. He also barked through the night because he was in his crate. I know he doesn’t sleep in his crate at home. I don’t trust that he won’t piss on something if I let him out.

I put my dog in the crate also so there was no favoritism. People think dogs don’t act like humans. Well let me tell you these two dogs have jealousy issues. When I let one out to be walked. They other one barks like why not me. I only put them in the crate when I am not there to watch them. So all day on the fourth we lounged around the house. Visiting dog acted decent until he was put in that crate. He is leaving tomorrow. Not a moment to soon I want some uninterrupted sleep.

I called my friend and told her. She is so apologetic. I feel bad!!! She offered to take me out when she gets back. I said no need you are willing to take my dog into your family and me when I need a place for a few months. I don’t need anything from her she is a great friend. Even thought her dog is driving me crazy.

My realtor responded to the bank with a reasonable response to their rejection. We will see if that does anything. God, God please help me unload this house!!!

Good News/ Bad News

The bank approved my short sale. But (there is always a but) they counter at 10k more than what was offered. So my buyer is gone. All is not lost. I need to find a new buyer. My house has been posted again and I am praying a new buyer will appear quickly.

My realtor said we have a time limit. If I can not find a buyer then I have to do the process again. Which I don’t want to do that. Please old Please buyer appear. It is still a great deal!! I am working on staying positive and letting good things happen. I am nervous. I always been told fear and faith doesn’t work in the same heart.

I need more faith and less fear!!

Staying positive round 2

No news is good news I guess. I haven’t heard anything from my bank or my realtor. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I emailed him for an update. I am going to call him today or tomorrow and see what is going on.

I am still working on being positive. Two friends had great things happen to them. One, her car was fixed for free which was great and a long story. Anytime you don’t have to pay money is a great day. Another friend moving violation was dismissed. Great things do happen. I have to believe they will happen to me also.

I am excited, nervous and every other emotion about my plans. Moving back to the place I ran away from. Boston is a very small place. Yes it is a city, but I went to first grade through college in Massachusetts. I know I will run into people left and right. It is not like when I moved to Atlanta. I was new and no one knew me. It was great.

I decided when I move home I am going to treat Boston like a new city I never been to. I am going to explore and try different things. I really didn’t appreciate the city when I was there. I meet people who say they love Boston. I can’t say that has been my experience. Maybe I haven’t taken the time or effort to love it.

Meetup.com has a lot of groups I can join. Start a new social circle. I am going to be off and running when I finally get settled in my mother’s house. That is so humbling. Moving back to the house you were raised in. sacrifices had to be made to achieve all I want.

It is a positive my mother wants me home. She never wanted me to leave. I am her only child. We lived with my grandmother, so having everyone in a house is not a foreign concept.

I know my mom’s house and maybe Boston will not be my finally stop. It is a change for now.

First things first!!! Shortsale my house and move out!! That is going to be my prayer every night. That step one goes smoothly!!!