I have old lady habits

I think I have always had an old spirit. I have never been a mover or a shaker. I also can be an introvert at times. Some of my friends give me lectures and speeches on needing to change. I don’t want to change. I like me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with me. Who do I need to conform to is my questions? If I am content then I don’t see a problem.

Granted I do need to take a vacation one of these days. That does not include going to Boston. I always feel guilty about taking a vacation when I owe people. Such as credit cards. I know it is crazy but I have financial insecurities. It is what it is.

Back to my old lady habits. I love to sleep. I can take a nap and enjoy every minute of it. I plan my nap on the weekends. When friends would call who had kids and they asked me what I was doing. My response would be “I am taking a I don’t have any kids nap.”

Those words are biting me in the ass now. LOL

I usually take a nap on my lunch break at work. I use to eat in the break room. For reason that could be its own post I stopped doing that. I started going to my car. I didn’t want to sit at my desk. That desk sees enough of me.

I started to lean my seat back and taking a mini nap. Now it is my thing. If I am not going out to lunch I am sleeping in the car. I get in set my cell  phone to wake me up and lean my seat all the way back then I am out.

I do choirs once a week. It is a habit from my grandmother. We cleaned the house on Saturdays. We were not allowed to do anything unless the house was clean. I moved it over and clean on Sundays. Usually because I am a procrastination. It is not that my Saturdays are so busy. I love starting the week with a clean house. When I don’t I feel off.

I am very routine oriented. I don’t like my routine disturbed. I don’t know if that has to do with living alone. When you live alone everything can be your way. It isn’t a problem, no one else is there to care. That might not work when and if the boyfriend moves in. It has been put on the table.

I over shop for food. There is something about always having food in the house. Another one of my grandmothers traits. I am also cheap like her. Now that I think about it. Maybe I don’t have old lady habits. I have my grandmother’s habits who was old when I was growing up. She had my mother in her early 40’s and my mother was 26 when she had me. So Nana was in her 60’s when I was born.

I love that I have her traits. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It makes me, ME. I like me!!!

Possiable Grandparents

I was talking to my mom the other day. She is very excited about being a Nana. Did I mention she had the name her grandchild would call her for the past 15 years. She wanted to know if boyfriend would help me with the baby. I said the only answer I had. He said he wants to. The truth of the matter is who the hell knows. He seems like the type of guy who wants an active interest in his children’s life. He presently doesn’t have any offspring so I have no proof of that fact.

Well my mom informed me if he doesn’t do bring my ass home. Yes those are the words she used. My mom is very ghetto. I love her but she is.  If he doesn’t hold up his end home to Boston is where I will be. I just have a better support system back home. My mom wanted me home for years. It actually has nothing to do with giving birth. It has to do with her only child being gone for ten years. My mother would have never left her mom. Granted my mom was closer to her mom than I am to her. It doesn’t matter in her mind. I still need to be in the same city.

My mom is retired and works part-time. My father will be retired next month. My mom has it all planned out that they can tag team taking care of their grandchildren. The funny thing is my father is more of a baby person than my mother. I just think in this phase of their lives grandchildren would be everything to them. It is great to have that fallback. I want this situation to work. I really do.  The boyfriend and I could work out. We have just as much chance and anyone else. It has been rocky and who knows. I am still keeping hope alive.

She also let me know her and my father would babysit while I am at work. That would be beyond great. Daycare expense can kill any budget. Did I mention my mother and father have been divorced since I was 14. Well to be more specific they broke up with I was 2 1/2 divorced twelve years later. Yeah I know crazy. I guess no one was in a hurry to divorce. Also no one wanted to pay for it.

My mother and I have one sticking point. If I end up back home my dog is not coming. My dog is beyond spoiled. He loves air conditioning. More like central air. Not a AC unit in one window in one room in the house .He hates snow and ice. When GA froze over this last winter my dog was going crazy. Also he only likes to use the bathroom on grass. He would not survive the concrete jungle of a city.   Did I mention he hates cats. My mom’s cat who is going nowhere by the way would kick my dog’s ass. That cat is like 30 pounds. I know sad my mom is going to feed that cat to death. My dog just made 5 pounds. The last point is I don’t want to walk a dog in a blizzard. My mom can talk all the mess she wants to. I know she won’t either!!!