I have issues!!!

When I told you guys I have a lottery problem. Well, it is a strange problem. I have piled up many tickets until Ava gets into this Autism Center. Lottery TicketThen I will scratch them. Still waiting and got everyone in their mother praying for my daughter to get into this program. My aunt put us in the prayer box. Everyone I talk to I say, please pray for my baby.

So the ticket issues. I collect them for a special occasion. This is about four months of collecting. I usually get a few during payday. Or if I am in a strange area I have to pick one up. I know it looks like a lot. I know I have a bit of a problem. I swear when I win I will give back to someone in need.



Intense ABA Center

I am leaning towards ABA Center and rejecting preschool. Ava did get assigned to an ABA preschool. The whole IEP process has been filled with stress. Also not feeling I am doing the right thing. Put into a position of having to deal what you are given without much of choice on my part.

Being told from Early Intervention the school system gave Ava a lot of services. I don’t give a damn what they gave her. I am the mother that needs her to get what she needs not what was given.

I took a day off to go to an Autism event. April is Autism awareness month and it was April vacation so there were a lot of events for the kids. Ava loves the trampoline place. So I decided it was worth a day off. My friend, we will call her Jill. She came with her daughter. She shy and no one would use the word shy to describe me. Jill watched the girls while I socialize. Due to my gift of gab and the lovely woman holding the even Jill and I actually got in for free. The generosity of the organizers.

I started to talk to one lady who was clearly not interested in communicating. Not an issue for me, I gave her a smile to her grimace and moved on. Then the woman who gave us the free tickets introduce me to another woman. We will call her Ann. Ann was just what we needed and god sent. She didn’t live far from me. She told me she wasn’t feeling the public schools and put her child in an Intense ABA center. She talked and talked. She thought she was talking too much. I was hanging on every word that came out of her mouth. Then I said I would find her on facebook. Can you believe when I tried to add her it said she had to many friend request? LOL Damn how many people want to be her friend. She is gorgeous so probably a lot.

So I sent her a message and she friended me. She sat on IM with me and gave me numbers emails of people to contact to move me forward. When All this comes together I am buying both those women a gift. To let them know I appreciate them in a way I just can’t put into words.

I went to visit the ABA center. Can I say I looooved it. I knew in my heart this was the right decision. Jill went with me and she wants her daughter to go also. We didn’t even let her finish her power point presentation. So whoever is reading this please pray for my little girl. I need everything to work on for her to go here. It is paid by the insurance. I am working on secondary insurance from the state. They would pay for transportation to the center. I am praying and I am asking everyone I talk to for prayers. It felt so right I need her in this place.