I am boring!!

I didn’t do much this weekend at all. My friend came over to download a few things to my computer. When I do it I always get viruses. I bought him lunch for his trouble of driving to my side of town. I use to live in his subdivision, so I wouldn’t feel guilty for putting him out of his way. My back is about 85% better. I still have a pain. It isn’t crippling like last week.

I have been a little depressed lately. I have an appointment tomorrow with the therapist and I will discuss it with her. I am feeling lonely. I got rid of the non-committal always his agenda EX. I told him I don’t want to talk to him anymore. He then asked me if I found a boyfriend and that is why I don’t want to talk to him. I didn’t even answer that question. Why I let him in my life for so long I will never understand.

I put myself online, and a few people seem interesting. One guy was interested and he asked me if I had Skype. I Have only used Skype once. I set it up on my new computer and I noticed I was the only one with a video up. Why would you asked someone to Skype if you don’t want to show yourself. First red flag. Then he did what I call kicking a disclaimer. He told me he looked a little different from his picture. The picture was old. Red flag number two. Then he went into what his race was. I looked back at his profile and saw it said other. Okay he shows himself. I had his face next to the profile. I didn’t see once resemblance to this picture. Okay dude why you paying for a membership to straight lie. First of all the picture was in black and while and looked like some model shot. Like it was taken by a professional. Usually people don’t take contemplating thoughts type pictures. I told him I was going to bed and cut that crap off.

I am not the type to play the catfish game. I really have been desiring a relationship lately. I just can’t put together how that will work with my baby dreams. I am going to have to figure this out.


Military Man!!

I have been asked to tell more about Military Man. I met him online. He lives in CT. Since I am moving back to Boston this particular website match me with all of New England.

New Hampshire, Maine, RI and CT. So I sent him a flirt. To my delight he responded. All my life I have had a big attraction to Latino Men. He is a sexy Dominican. Talking to I realized  he does not even realize how attractive he is. He also has green eyes which adds to his sexyiness.

We have had a handful of conversation. None of these included sexual topics. That really put him on the top of my list. He is divorced with one child. In the Military and plans to retire in the Military. I told my aunt I was going to marry him and move to CT. She said just have a baby. I told her stop fucking with my fantasy. Presently the man is in CT and I am in GA. Who knows what could happen. I can’t predict the future and neither can she.

I am not totally crazy!! Nothing could come from this at all. I am enjoying the attention. We are also Facebook friends. Which he post funny videos of himself which had me on the floor laughing. I could end up with a Sexy Dominican Military friend. Or shit he could be my husband and father to my children!!

I am still on the single mother by choice ban wagon. It has not left yet. The funny thing is he said he would have no problem being a donor. I was shocked. I didn’t bring up the topic. He was talking about a Lesbian friend he would help out if she wanted to get pregnant. Does he not sound perfect!! Yes he does!! I am going to enjoy the attention and what ever happens, happens. Believe me I still have the cryobank on speed dial!!

I am loving my living situation. My roommates walk my dog. I am really free!! He is spoiled and still doesn’t listen. There dog is the ruler and my dog falls in line. Now he mimics their dog. It is hilarious. I also went to Planet Fitness for about an hour and half. My food has been great. It is a wonder what freedom does for a person.

So I haven’t scratch my ticket. I am going to do it tonight. It could be a game changer!! Here is to changing the GAME!!!

Life is stranger than FICTION!!!

I really don’t have time to write this post. I have been missing in action for a while. So much has been going on. Some I planned some I could have never imagined.

My short sale should closes on Friday. Then I am moving on Saturday. I will have two roommates. I haven’t lived with anyone but my dog in years. I am hoping a praying this is a great experience. My dog is coming with, and will be left with them when I make the final move.

Well yesterday my boss gave his two weeks notice. Then I was told they wanted me for the position. I have to say I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded. Not that I didn’t think I could do the job. It is the fact of being recognized. I always have less faith in my abilities then others.

The problem is I have to turn down the job. One I am moving. I didn’t do all of this crap (prior posts) to stay here. Also the job is very stressful and I really don’t want that in my life. I would have never have ever guested this would have happened. As my aunt says god has jokes.

On the dating front. I met this guy we will call Mr. Military. He is in the army in CT. We have been talking and I have a crush. He seems so nice and sincere!! SO FAR!!! Let me put that out there so you do not think I went crazy on you. I have a thing for Latino men, and men in uniform. So we will see where my crush takes me. If I had the money I would move to Boston now. I have to wait several months to save for this move.

So much to do, so little money!!! Clearly my life I couldn’t have dreamt up!!

My life in boxes!

I am packing away ten years of my life. I am finding a lot of things I forgot about. This is the first major move of my life. I didn’t have much before I bought this house. I had a 19 inch TV and books. My life has evolved over the years.

The lady at U-haul was not friendly. I gave her the wrong box information. Shit I don’t know large to X large boxes. It was an easy mistake. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I asked her to help me bring them to my car. I am paying for service. She didn’t say anything. She did help but didn’t seem to happy about it. My mother is going to love all my stuff. We are about the same size. I might have to put the smack down on her wearing my stuff. I do have a lot of stuff. I need to lose 20 pounds and I can fit back into most of my clothes. I am working on it!!!

Renters have been coming by to look at the place. The lady who bought my house is letting me stay a few extra days. If I accommodate renters viewing the place. No big deal I am happy to help. She took the property off my hands. This couple came by yesterday. The man was very attractive to me. All I could think about was his blue eyes and friendly demeanor as they toured the house. It is hard to not tell the total truth. I only answered the question they asked. I didn’t go into to detail about my issues with the neighborhood. The woman was from Boston. We chatted a little about that. She wanted to know why I wanted to go back. I told her family obligations. Which is true on many levels.

On a different subject. I met this guy online. I believe he lives on my mothers street. How funny is that. We have only had one phone conversations and a few text messages. I am noticing very quickly I am putting in more effort. I know my being in another state men are not as interested. My neighbor told me when I move to take down my ad and put it back up. Make sence.

If I had the money I would not be worrying about internet dating at all. It is baby time!!! It would be nice to have guy friend. Especially if I need something like moving furniture setting up my WI-FI. I am sure my mother and I can work it out. It still would be nice to have another option if needed. So I am putting dude in the friend zone. I don’t chase men. My 20’s are over. I made enough of those mistakes back then. If he is interested he will show it. If not I will move on as usual.

I think I am becoming so cynical when it comes to men. I need to create a balance of keeping hope alive and being positive, And not being stuck on stupid because I like some guy!!!

My Friday!

Happy face

I know today is Thursday. I have tomorrow off which I am so looking forward to. I am taking Mr. Shitty paints to the groomers. He looks horrible. I do care about my dog. It doesn’t show with the way he looks at the moment. When I want to take his name Mr. Shitty paints from him, something always happens. Such as the blow out he had in his crate the other day. I know I am the worst dog trainer in the world. It is what it is.

On a brighter note I am in a pretty decent mood. I have no idea why. I did meet this new dude online recently. Only to exchange a few emails. He recently sent me his phone number. I will call tonight and see if we vibe. He describe himself as a geek in his profile. I think that is my new type GEEKS. I don’t think I was opposed to that type. The ones I come across tend to have a lack of social skills. That made it difficult to get to know them.

I am going to run a bunch of errands. I am also going to take a long nap tomorrow. I been so tired lately. Other than that life has been pretty blah. I have no motivation to make it exciting!! I am enjoying the blah for now. No news is good news.

My friend and I were talking about her marriage. I decided I am going to mind my business from now on. Who am I to comment on anything. I DON”T HAVE A HUSBAND. So no more listening to the marriage dramas. Even if I had an opinion which I do. It is always met with you aren’t married. Which is true.

 So I need to focus on my own crap. I am going to let grown people take care of grown people. They have to suffer the consequences for their decisions. Just like I do. I told a friends husband. I am done interfering in others lives. He didn’t believe me.

I belive I can do it. No more being noisy. Someone told me when you are to involved in someone elses drama it is to avoid your own. No more avoidance I need to focus on myself, my life and my drama!!

Dating slump!

Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been on a date since I broke up with asshole. Yes that is his new name. He contacts me randomly which pisses me off. I told him this last time I don’t want to keep in contact with him. We will see if he call again. Knowing him he will. Then doctor dude disappeared.

I have to admit I haven’t really persuade a date. I have mixed feelings about meeting anyone in GA. I don’t want anything to spark feelings when I am trying to move 18 hours away driving. Then I have my personal ads changed to MA. I get a lot of message saying contact me when you get here. I do understand why they don’t want to be bothered with a non-resident.

It puts me in limbo. I haven’t flirted with anyone in a long time. I miss flirting!!! I miss the human touch also. That is an entirely different problem.

I am ready to go. I don’t have my duck in a row at all. The short sale paper work hasn’t even been approved yet. I am in the beginning stages of this process and it really sucks.

I also have been Facebook stalking a few people. I know I should be ashamed. My noiseness got the best of me. These are people I don’t even know that well. One person I was waiting for her wedding pictures. I have to say I loved her dress. I am not even into weddings.

Who is this person?. I am starting not to recognize myself. I have never been into wedding or stalking people on Facebook. I barely go on Facebook.  Something is going on with me and I want it to stop. I want the old me back!! Where is she???

I was talking to a SMC friend and we decided full steam  ahead with baby plans. No man has shown up to change the plans for her. I am in the same boat.  I would have to say I have been living a very singleton life. The dog and I hang out most of the time.

On a good note my back is starting to feel better. Not totally 100%, but at least I can get out of chair and not scream.


Thank God It's Friday

I am so happy it is Friday. I have absolutly nothing planned but regular errands. I sometimes think how my life would change with children. Especially having them alone. Would I be up for the challenge?  Will I be able to find a village? I can be a loner, I will have to break that character flaw.

Doctor dude and I have not been connecting lately. He said he cell phone was down last weekend. Since that break in communication I see a lack luster from him.

I am not crying over it. He was my fantasy dude. Until he makes himself a reality I just used him to fantasize about.

Sitting on sperm bank website so much can’t be healthy! I found myself there a few times this week. All I need is the cash and I am ready to make a purchase.

On the online dating front. A few interesting characters. Nothing to move my mind over. Online dating has so many ups and downs. I am at a down moment.  There are random times I am going on date after date. What I hate is the recycled guys.

Yes I have been online dating entirely to long. With the time I spent out there I run into some of the same guys over and over. So this loser contacted me again. He is beyond arrogant. Which is easy to spot with the hundred of pictures he has of himself on a dating site.  We had talked once a year ago. He wanted to let me know I was attractive and tall like him and we would look good together. Really I thought, that is his recipe for a relationship.

I have no time for men who are full of them selves. I been there done that got the tee shirt. So his note this time stated well I am  still on here give him a chance. I told him no I am good. I will stay on a dating site forever plus ten years before I go on a date with this man.

I am single and alone but not desperate. I don’t need a man like that. He has no idea I think he is a big ass. No need to argue with a stranger. He can live his life and I can live mine. Hopefully I won’t get anymore emails from him. I appreciate he finds me attractive but I need a lot more than that. How about talking to me longer then ten minutes!!