Low carb Fail!! Try again in the morning!

Thank you, to one of my readers. I am not sure if she wants me to put her out there but thank you. I was lost in a sea of WTF am I going to do about my weight. She reached out to me about the Low carb diet. Which I have to say I am doing better on this. Then I have ever done on my own with anything else.

What messed me up today. Apples, I had two. Which are a no no. I also ate some food off my daughters plate and it all went to hell. I will be trying again tomorrow. Since I bought all these apples. I will be eating them until they are gone. One a day. I did find a Greek Yogurt with 5g Carbs. I love almonds which I had no idea before doing this diet.

I sat on YouTube all day, watching video’s on the Low Carb diet. I am ready to drop these pounds. It is hard as hell to give up Carbs. Then I listened to Oprah bullshit commercial for Weight Watchers. We are in this together, YEAR RIGHT. Oprah has peddled more diet and work out plans I can’t even count them all. I have a feeling weight watchers is not going to be the end of the road for her. She is a freaking billionaire, does she really need Weight Watchers to lose weight. She can have her personal assistance count every calorie that goes in her mouth.

On a better note. I am back to using the Laws of Attraction. I knew I needed to change the script for 2016. Which all started for me years ago when this guy gave me the book Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell. I started reading it last night. Then I realized someone what the whole book on audio on YouTube. Score, I listened at work and at lunch. It is something about hearing the words that have just captured my spirit.

I know when I was working on those principles, I felt indestructible. I want that back. That inner feeling that you got this!!!

My father is moving and has a deep freezer for me. Which was right on time. I was going to buy one. Even thought Dave and I are having our issues he is going to take his truck and pick it up for me. I have missed him over the past few day. Absence makes the heart grow stronger. I will be strong and will not dial that number unless totally needed. We need a break to reevaluate the situation. More I am giving him time to sweat. We will see what happens. I always felt men are like susses there will be another one in 15 min. I really like Dave so I will see what happens. I am not optimistic. Which is caused from years of bullshit men in my life.