She Ate my Cooking!!!

20151220_175912Okay, I have been horrible about not really cooking for my child. She has advanced to the Gerber meals. Which look like little TV dinners. She seemed meat adverse. All meat she would spit out. They are only four options for those meals. For a min she would only eat the Marconi and cheese. Over night that has changed. I was eating eggs and she was all over my plate. I gave her some and she ate it. I was shocked. The last time I gave her eggs she spit it out. So this morning, I made her eggs and she ate most of it.

Tonight I cooked salmon, mash potatoes and broccoli. She ate most of it. Thank you Jesus, I really didn’t want a crazy picky eater. We had a good day today. I is 7:15 and she is sleep. No nap today, she wouldn’t take one. So she went to bed nice and early. I barely know what to do with myself.

I hear Star Wars was great. I can’t wait to go see. Dave is supposed to take me after the New Year. Which is a time we both agreed on. These next couple of weeks will be a little hectic.

I haven’t bought my father a present for Christmas. I am going to do something big for his birthday. Which we actually share the birthday. His house was broken into and his laptop was stolen. I am going to replace it for him.

Oh how I wish I was rich so I could take care of my family. First order of business buy my father a nice condo in a great area. Well I have my scratch tickets to scratch on Christmas. A gift to myself. Hey I play and keep hope alive. You never know what could happen and what is possible.

I am shocked I am a mother. I didn’t know if that would be possible. On a side note I can’t find my ovulation again. I am going to keep on looking for it. I am going to keep working on life, I really feel like I have to do more to get more.