Life is so crazy!

One or my readers mention how she thought the guy who wanted a hot girl was arrogant. I have to totally agree with her. These guys want a model. I am thinking if all it takes to get you is good looks you are an idiot. A pretty face and body doesn’t always come with a nice personality. I digress, I am still going on the date. We will see what happens. I was annoyed with the comment. Who knows maybe he thinks I am hot. I would put myself in the more average, chubby category. You never know!!

My boss might have TB (tuberculous). I am scared because I still haven’t gotten my period and I don’t want any problems. He knew he has been exposed to it. He didn’t pass the skin test. Now they are doing additional test to see if he has it. To make things worse. My throat ┬áis getting tight and I am coughing. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it in the past. I hope I do not have some contagious illness that could affect a possible pregnancy. My friend and cousin talked me off the ledge. My bosses kids don’t have it. I am praying I just got a little cold and nothing else. I swear if it wasn’t my life I wouldn’t believe it. So my boss is at the hospital getting additional test. I am praying for good news.