Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk

The one single mother by choice meeting I went to something interesting was said. My friend that came with me was in a relationship. One of the members said do not delay your plans for that relationship. Then you are further behind the eight ball.

She did hold off her plans and the relationship ended. Well Doctor dude has faded in to obscurity. You would think I would be upset but he was not interrupting my plans at all. He was a fantasy that I never really felt would go anywhere. I kept a little hope but not enough to care. I wish him the best but I refuse to call him again.

Then ex boyfriend text me. Yes he text because he is to much of a punk to call. He is getting off the road and going into the office on a permanent basis. My first thought is why the hell are you telling me. I have long since let my resentment go against him.

I decided to call because I don’t text and drive. He answered. We had casual conversation. I told him congrats for getting off the road. I told him my plans of trying to move back home as soon as possible. The man acted devastated and actually tried to convince me that was not what I wanted to do. I thought this fool can not be serious. Then he said keep him posted.

That is when I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I have to be honest. There is no way in hell I was keeping him posted. He sounded shocked like what did I do. Now I was really mad. I told him this is the first I talked to you in many months. You text me because you were to much of a coward to call me. You can’t act like a grown man and take your lumps when you are wrong. I harbor no resentments against you and I wish you the best. BUT you showed me who the hell you are. I can’t even put you in a friend category. It is all about you. Then my last statement stung. Which I am happy it did. I told him it is my fault. Insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result. I was insane to ever date you again. You are and always will be the unreliable jerk I dated before. So it isn’t your fault it is mine.

Then he says in a sorry voice I am a bad person. I got really pissed and said look I don’t want to hear that crap. Have a good day and I wish you the best.

I am sick of men wanting to make them selves feel better for being ass holes. I finally have a plan and I am so happy. I want it to happen quicker. At least I have a plan!!

Making Up is Great!!

I mentioned in another post the boyfriend and I were having issues. Well it all came to a head over the labor day weekend. There was steam coming out of my ears. Then the argument over the issues. Not our worst from prior dating, but still not nice. We both tend to hit below the belt. We also tend to not totally listen to the other when trying to prove our point. Then of course I will pick out things said and turn them around to prove my point. Which he quickly noticed and made the comment of needing to be a lawyer or something. Either way relationships are not easy. I cannot remember one relationship I was in that was easy.  I care for this man. I know he cares for me. We came to a compromise that night. You could still hear hurt feelings on both sides in our voices. Then the next day I got a text asking me how I was doing. I wrote back fine and I asked him if he was mad. He said no and asked me the same. I said no, which I wasn’t. I was actually glad it was over. That day we hung out and it was great. Making up is great!! It would also be great never to argue but shit happens and no one lied to me and told me life was easy!!!