My dating life

I met this new guy online.  We were emailing last week sometimes. He gave me his number. I called left a message. Five days past, nothing. I just put him in the bullshit people online category and moved on. Well on Saturday I get an email from asking about us talking. I told him I called and left a message. He used the excuse (the message had a lot of static and he didn’t know my name). Okay I gave him that one. Didn’t sound to bullshit. I emailed him my phone number. This was about 5 or 6 oclock on Saturday night. Then I got lost in The 4400 and my The Sims 3 game and other random crap. I looked at the clock 12:30 and no call.  I wasn’t waiting for his call. I just happened to remember he said he would call. The last email was I am feeding my daughter I will call you later.

So I sent him an email. I stated I am not into playing games. Please lose my number and I wish the best of luck in your search. Well this must have put this mans pants on fire. I got an instant reply.  With don’t be a meanie HEHEHE. I had company and I didn’t want to call you late.  I have to tell you guys. The benefit of the doubt is no longer something I give. I played that game for years. It is about 90/10. 90% they are lying out their ass. 10% they are telling the truth.

When he didn’t  understand my message I left, he went five days with no contact. Now you say you are very interested. I give him my number, and still going to pull this waiting shit. You are not the man I want. The man I want would have at least sent me a text. Granted I hate text but I would have respected that. Then he kept sending me emails. I guess he was getting upset I wouldn’t reply and wrote him off.  One of his notes said: “I said I would call you later, Is it to late to call you now. ” I looked at the message and said hell yes it is. Not because of the time, but you are a loser and I HAVE NO INTEREST. The next email he sends says, “I am 45 and don’t play games”. Caught you I went back to his profile and it said 40. When they say they don’t play games that is all they do. I learned that lesson. That is like when a man is always boasting about his manly part it is usually disappointing.  Certain things men say it is the automatic reverse.

So my new belief is I don’t owe anyone any explanation. I also refuse to argue with anyone. Not just men, anyone.   I swear people will tell you who they are, wait and just listen. The last of three more emails stated  “number lost.” Hey works for me. I don’t give a damn you had a tantrum because things didn’t go your way. That is another thing I hate bitch ass men. I know I am being hard in this blog. But acting like you are five-year old,  makes me lose interest quickly. He might have gotten an eye raise if he started with an apology.

Men are not complicated. If he was interested, really interested no time would have passed and he would have called me. I been around the block to many times for this.

On a brighter note. A very attractive man sent me note on a website. I was like wow I like that. So he got my number we will see if he calls. If not he will be tossed to the side like the rest. When I say I don’t play. I MEAN IT. I am not just talking.

There have been times of desperation in my life. Hence why I am having a baby by myself. The desperation is over. I am not longer looking for a husband to implant his child in me. So I have no reason (not that I should have ever had one) to deal with any man’s bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dog is sick!!

I woke up at 4am hearing my dog throwing up in his crate. I know I complain about my dog but I do love him. I felt so bad for the little guy. We rushed outside and he kept throwing up. I feel like the worst dog owner ever. I forgot to leave him water in his crate.

I gave him so extra strength pepto and he seemed fine. He was laying there looking sick but wasn’t throwing up anymore. In the hustle of cleaning up his mess in the crate and on my carpet. Getting ready for work and looking online what to do for him. I forgot to put water out because I was trying to get to work. If it wasn’t my busy time of the year I would have taken the day off to take care of my baby.

I feel so bad!!!! I am going to the store at lunch and pick him up some rice and chicken.  I can cook it for him when I get home. That was one of the online suggestions. He might not eat it. I am going to give it a try to see how he does.

I can’t wait to get home to see how he is doing. Pray for my dog. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to him. He is my best friend. I know what they mean when they say dogs are man’s best friend.  I hope he is alright!!!

Dating update

This is all on the internet so nothing is set in stone until proven. Presently three men have contacted me online that have my interest so far. I must be hot this week. I am usually contacted by a lot of men. I think most women are depending on what site you are on. You have to weed out the perverts and crazy folks. They are usually easy to recognized. One guy this week asked me if I was a freak. Ok that put him on the delete button quick. Thanks for letting me know you are not for me buddy.

1) He is 29 years old. Which is funny I usually go for older. No I don’t have a daddy complex. I just find older man more settled and know what they want. Last boyfriend not included in that statement. Well this guy is handsome ( from his picture) employed and interested in something serious. Hey who knows? He also has been keeping me entertained all day replying to my emails. Which is cool since my job is so damn boring.

2) He is my age 36 and really sexy from his picture. Also employed which is important. I have enough money problems on my own. I have received random emails from him. About one reply a day. He is not counted out. Maybe he will translate better in person. Did I mention he is 6’4. I love that. Make my six foot self feel short and protected. Hey if you are 6’0 and 6’2 with heels you will know what I mean.

3) He is a 43 italian dude. He is also employed. What is keeping him in the running is my attraction to italian men. I don’t know why that is? I find them sexy!! His picture was ok and not clear at all. I am hoping he is one of those guys who do not take pictures and look great in person. That has happened to me before.

So these are my three hopefuls. No phone numbers have been exchanged. So they can all fall off. One could make it through. Or I could be planning three dates. I am hoping  for the three date option. My reason behind that is a higher chance to meet a decent guy. Here is me keeping hope alive.

The best date I ever had!!

These B.S. dates I have been having really has made me think. What was the best date of my life. I have to say it was over 13 years ago. I was in my twenties. I met this guy at a happy hour. I blew him off because I was in a relationship. With another asshole from my past. We broke up a week before Christmas. Then I ran into this guy again at a New Years Eve party.

I remember it was going to be 1999. They were playing the prince song all night. I think I hit on him to let him know I was single. We planned a date for the next week. He took me to the movies, which was late. It started around 10pm. After the movie I stated I didn’t feel like going home.  He said we can do something depending on hour adventurous I was. I was like damn I got into a car with a crazy person. Or he just wants sex. Either way I was uncomfortable.

He gave me a sly smile and said let’s go to the casino’s in Connecticut. I was blown away. I immediately called my mom and informed her I wouldn’t be back to the next day. We were off. We didn’t get there until 2am. I played the slots and he taught me how to play craps. I was up 80.00 and lost it all. Drinks were free and I enjoyed diet coke at the time. I don’t drink (long story). I had the best time. We hit the buffet for breakfast at 6am before we left.

We could barely keep our eyes open driving home. I have to say to date that is still my best date. I dated that guy for about a year. It was one of the complicated relationships where  he was dating me and other people at the time. regardless of the relationship issues he sure knew how to treat a woman. Dinner, dancing, gifts and affection. Which was the reason I let the relationship last a while even after I found out about the other women.

Did I mention he was 13 years older. I thought there were other women but never asked. I didn’t want the answers, so I didn’t ask the question. It was thrown in my face when we went to a comedy show at Harvard. I requested for him to get me a diet coke. While he was at the bar this woman comes up to me. I later found out she was in her early 40’s. She asked me how I knew him and what was our relationship. She was friendly and I was about to answers her questions. Then I thought who the hell is this bitch. He walked over no coke in hand. He must have saw what was going on. He walked passed her and went straight to me. He asked me what did she say and was I alright. Well that set this chick off and she started screaming at him. Yes I was in my 20’s but I have never been about drama and told him to take care of his business and I walked away. Thank god my girls also went to this comedy show. This actually all happened at the after party. Later he meets me in the party. I asked him who was the woman he evaded the question. I told him I still wanted my coke. It was about four bucks for a coke and I wasn’t paying for it. So now we are at the bar. He is at the right of me and the woman who caused the scene came to my left. Still being nice. Not yelling or being rude. She was talking to me like we were friends. Informing me of her relationship with him. It sounded like she was trying to convince me to leave him so she can have him.

I looked her in the face and said ” Look hun he might have lied to you. He has never lied to me so you need to take that up with him” Which was true. I never asked him if he was dating someone besides me. We never labelled our relationship. Well my young behind saying that to this woman set her off. She tried to through my four dollar soda in his face. I told her hell no buy your own. I picked up my drink and walked away. She caused another scene to the point they both were asked to leave. Thank god my friend could drive me home.

He treated me like a princess what can I say. It was hard to give up. I wonder what he is doing now. I tried Facebook with no luck. I hope he seattle down with just one not many. I have to say that was his only flaw!!

Friday Depression

Well I am no longer in a relationship. He broke up with me via text message. No I am not making this up. He is so sorry that he couldn’t even face me on the phone. Then they wonder why we want to have children by ourselves. We had a text message battle on Friday. Yes I did mention he was a punk to do this via text message. I swear I hate this man. I only had few situations in my life where I experienced hate. This is one I can add to the list. Fuck him and I am glad I know what type of person he is now. He is just sorry in my book. If he came to me like a man and discussed this with me. I would be upset but would have had to accept it. No he couldn’t do that. So I hate him. He better never contact me again. I know he feels bad. I got text message at 12am asking if I was asleep. I just looked at my phone and thought seriously.

What is killing me about this is we have known each other for ten years. We have been friends longer than anything else. Well I decided not to dwell. My girl and I are going bowling and play pool. I am still in a bad place. I am going out with my girl who is less pressure. Not worrying about men at all. I have been asked on a few dates. Yeah I know  I work quick. Well I jumped on my Yahoo IM and started talking to folks I haven’t talked to in months. I got three offers of sperm for my baby journey.

It is funny how men are offering me their seed. One offered and I was beyond shocked. I thought he loved the bachelor life. He said he wasn’t getting any younger and didn’t have kids. He is sexy also. He is another long story from my past. Well actually not a long story but a story I need to keep to myself.  Our relationship was not the brightest moment in my history. Case closed on that LOL. I have to regroup and think about my next step. I decided I am jumping back into dating. I am going to save for my possible sperm purchase. I told a friend from home if a lump some of money comes into my life. I am going straight to getting pregnant and not worry about bullshit relationships. Right now I am going to have to save for that.

Either way god is on my side. I am going to keep taking my supplements for egg quality and move forward. One guy I lusted after years ago. He was so my type. I will not go into why we never got together. Well he is retired from the military and already has children. I told him he could father my children and give me the medical insurance for my babies through the military and we would be even. We had a big laugh on that one. LOL I am crazy!! I know it. If you can’t laugh at yourself then you are taking life to seriously.

It will all work out.

Finally Friday

I am so happy it is Friday!!! I hope I get a nap in this weekend. I have been so tired lately. I have no idea if it is the isoflavones that has kicked my butt. My five days of taking them are over. Now we will see if I get the BFP like the other stories I have read.

I am staying positive that my constantly traveling boyfriend will be in town. Or close enough to drive when I get the double lines. Yes I said drive. I am pushing for this so efforts need to be made. One time I was going to go on one of his work trips. I had no one to take my dog. Well I could have asked one couple but it was so last minute. Boyfriend tried to find a motel that would let me bring my pain in the ass dog. No luck on that one so no dice.

My co-worker and I are obsessed with getting pregnant. Well I am more obsessed and taking her along for the ride. It is nice to have people on the same page.

I am hitting a club this weekend. I am a little self conscious. I haven’t been to a club in a long damn time. I am not buying anything new. I use to do that for going out. Since I have a man presently no new purchases will be made. Purchases were made when I was looking for a man. That is the logic I would use when putting down the plastic for an outfit I would wear once maybe twice.

It is my friend’s birthday. I have no idea what to get her. She is an easy friend and appreciate anything. I have to work my brain. I usually get her something inexpensive that she can use. My mind has been blank. It isn’t that big of deal. We don’t exchange gifts all the time. I might just buy her a drink at the club. Maybe I will be her designated driver. That could be a great birthday present. I don’t drink so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me.

Five is not coming quick enough. I can’t wait to get into traffic and feel free for a couple of days. God please let this weekend go slow!!! I am no rush to get back to work!!!