I went to the doctor’s. I was looking for some medical help with this weight and also my tiredness. Why is it every time I go to a doctor with a plan to get some drugs. Clomid, Leterozale, Phentermine. They always act like I am asking for Crack or Heroin and the answer is always no. Pretty much the Physician assistant to my ass to eat right. Wow, I wanted to tell her if I could do that would you see that scale so damn high. The truth is she is right. That is exactly what I need to do.

So I had a Pap and a total STD screening. Even thought I have no reason to think I have anything. I am always on pins and needles waiting for my results. I always wonder if I am the only one who does that. A friend of mine and I use to give blood. Not to help folks but to get the HIV test. My letter came in the mail before hers. She freaked out and thought she had it. Hers came a day later. There is stress behind those results.

It is interesting how many people are living with STD’s. I know many actually. Not sure how I would handle it. Granted my sex life is not what it use to be. I will leave that in the past. Just to say I partied my ass off in Atlanta. Granted I was always the safe sex poster girl. What I realized in my life travels. You know when you run into that beautiful man. You know the one excuse me if the is TMI. Makes you wet looking at him. There are many of them in the ATL. These gorgeous men. I had a chance to peal back the rapper on a few. I should have saved my calories.

I learned a long time ago great sex is never the way to pick a relationship. Usually it comes with the biggest asshole attached. I will take average sex and a great guy any day.


Baby Project #31

It is funny how things come full circle. I have another appointment with a gynecologist. I need to get my STD screening again. I am also going to work on getting a prescription of clomid. I know I wasn’t successful the last time. They wanted me to take tests. I took the test and  now I want the prescription. I am really paying for not having a regular Gyno. Everyone gets this prescription with ease. I am the one who gets all the trouble.

My known donor is very handsome. He also has green eyes. I have to say I like that.

How about my mom and aunt are all on board to. They have really shown themselves supportive. They both said when I started this process and explained the expense. Can you just find someone to have sex with. My high and might self was against. Well I did try with the pain in the ass ex. Which I did talk to him, and we decided against it. He wants to be a father. I am moving to Boston and do not want to deal with the drama of someone wanting me to stay in GA.


NW Cryo

Sperm (album)

I spent my birthday looking at a sperm bank website NW CRYO. Yes that is right, picking out the sperm if I was ready to make the leap.
I have to say I am in love with the prices at this place 270 a vile. They also have open ID. Open ID doesn’t change the price. I have to admit the list of donors is not long. Compared to some of the other sites.

I am a cheap person. I don’t want a bargain basement baby. I just can’t see pay 600+ for sperm. Thinking back to my dating history would any guy I dated sperm be worth 600+ to me. I have to say hell no. That goes to show the men I dated. These men I  could have possible had children with and I wouldn’t give their sperm that high of a price tag.

The truth is I know more about these sperm candidates then any man I had sex with. No man I have dated told me all their medical information. Parents medical information. The biggest questions is do you have any STD’s. I never asked if cancer, smoking, alcoholism ran in their families.

When I went to reproductive seminar the woman said cheaper sperm does not mean bad. She is the one who emailed me the list of the cheaper sperm banks.

Well I have him picked out for now. I enjoyed the process. I am staying positive that something will happen to make this a reality.